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 "In progress" threads, Mostly for the RP community
Basically, it would be a way to "lock" a thread to the current participants or a pre-defined (when creating the thread) list of users. Essentially, a thread marked as "in progress" shouldn't have any more outsiders joining in on it. We already have a list of current topic participants (and tagging), which is why I'm wondering if it would be possible to do this.

Obviously this wouldn't apply to staff members being unable to reply to a thread. It's a feature we had on old acornrack/spleafnet sites (rip) and for the RP community it was nice and usepful with cutting down on the occasional troll who would interrupt/derail a thread between a specific group of people. Would also mean that the admins didn't have to go in and delete the offending posts, because they couldn't post to the in progress thread to begin with. Thread starters could add in other people whenever they wanted to, as well, which was nice when someone accidentally hit the submit post button before having tagged everyone. Names were separated by comma and if you left the field blank, the thread would act normal and let anyone post, much like how leaving the "post as user" area blank means no change on here. The threads were also prefixed with "In progress" similarly to how we have topic prefixes already.

We also had that for complete/dead/open threads but those are more easily accomplished through multi mods or the simple javascript I've been using (that still needs to be posted on resource sites whoops)
Very cool/interesting idea.

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Yeah, acornrack/spleafnet had a bunch of those little gems everywhere. The character system it had in place alone was ridiculous (in a good way) Super comprehensive and fun to work with from a member standpoint but oh man was it a complete nightmare as the one setting everything up. (it actually scared me away from staffing forums and coding in general for years when I first looked into it. Fun times!)
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