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Jan 14 2017, 11:11 AM
Since I have had a lot of luck here with people helping me (Thank you, from the bottom of my beginner heart. <3), I thought to look here again for some trouble I am having.

I am wanting to add an alert system to my forum skin, but it seems to be rather more complicated than I care to admit.

I have found the part in the board wrappers where the Menu of Logged in/Switch Account/Inbox/My Controls/etc. are. What I want is for the alerts (With the drop down box if possible) to go there.

I have read that these alert systems can be very touchy at points. That is just from my readings throughout the forum in trying to find my answer.

I thought to use this from caution, but it seemed to be for the default look of jcink.
Either that or I wasn't doing it right which is entirely possible.

My Site:

Here is the part in the wrappers where I found out where all the Switch account/Inbox/My Controls are.
<body id="<!-- |input_act| -->" class="user-<!-- |id| --> mod-<!-- |g_is_supmod| --> admin-<!-- |g_access_cp| -->"

I also have a testing account with admin privileges if that helps.

thank you!!!
Dec 31 2016, 04:53 AM
Hey, Astra is back for help once again. The only way to learn is to make mistakes right? Anyway, as I have stated in a previous post "I am new to the coding world, but I am handy with Proboards and I am running my first Jcink site.

So I am having trouble with the <code> tag whenever I put it into a DoHTML template. I am 96% sure that I can do this because I have seen so many others do this on various template sites. I will post a link to my site below and an example link of my problem.

I hope this helps!! I can clarify things as best as I can if you have questions!
Dec 25 2016, 03:34 PM
I usually wouldn't post asking questions cause I don't like bothering people and would rather spend hours trying to figure something out but I am at wits end with finding the correct answer that I need. I am new to the coding world, but I am handy with Proboards and I am running my first Jcink site.

The problem I am having has to do with the mini profile's custom fields. I am using a mini profile from (Sorry if you don't have Shine). I entered the fields in ACP >> Users and Groups >> Custom Profile Fields.

In ACP >> Skins & Templates >> Profile Templates and I have this.

Here,, You can see the Mini Profile shows up. (I am having another problem, when my name (the users name) is above the mini profile as if it is still clinging on to something default. )

But my main problem is when I go to My Control Panel >> Personal Profile >> Edit Profile Info and the fields do not show up to fill in.

My site's link is

I've tried what seemed everything. I can make an account if that would be helpful to anyone to see it for themselves.
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