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 Editable Posts With Dice Roll / Dice Feature Idea
1. So, we know that the dice code will break when we edit it.
I'm creating an RPG forum, with a hit and miss chance that is all based around a simple dice roller. I've wanted players to post and see their dice result, and go back and edit on the same post, with the dice result given. But that wouldn't be possible, and they'd need to double post, solely for the purpose of verifying the roll and creating an in character post. In the end, it'll make a 20 post topic worth 40 post (for example).
My forum will have "ranks/levels" (using the member ranks feature) based on post count. It'd be unfair to have extra posts that contribute to the level. And also, there is an in game reward for each page of roleplay completed... so yeah.

It really would be nice to have a feature like this implemented! And maybe even a built in dice roller that shows your result on your post automatically (regardless of the forum you post it in, it just shows up on your post row that lists the date/time posted, and whatnot). It would stay in tact to your post, and would be nowhere on your edit post feature, therefore being uneditable. I've seen it on a site that I've been a part of, and it's really useful biggrin.gif thought I could input my ideas here.
I'd like to do something similar in the future, since many of these points have been raised before. Eventually I will make a more sophisticated dice roll system.

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    In the meantime, you can edit the post and wrap the doHTML tags around the broken HTML, and it will re-translate it back into the roll itself.
Really? That's good then, will keep that in mind biggrin.gif
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