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Mar 8 2018, 07:40 PM
I know that once a user has done the age-verification process, that it's stored to their account so they won't have to do it again. I want to know if there's a way for me to access that info, and if they are allowed to see 18+ content, display an icon on their profile. I know how to display the icon, it'd work similar to using the online/offline status to display a pic instead of the words. I just need a way to access whether a user is age-verified or not.
Jan 29 2018, 11:43 PM

I'm trying to make a neat feature on a skin for a Twilight Board me and my sister are opening in the (hopefully) near future. I want to make a "Guidebook" instead of putting all the info into forums like we usually do. I understand how to use Webpages to do this, that's not my issue.

My issue is that I'd like to also use the webpages for each canon character's biography. I can get the link for the bios to make the webpage appear within the page I want via iframes, but I need the page within the iframe to NOT have the header/sidebar/etc that's in the wrappers. Essentially just the code I put in the Webpage Maker needs to display.

What can I do to achieve this?

HERE is my webpage for the bios. If you click on "Cullen Coven" then "Carlisle Cullen", that's the "working" link on that page. I need to strip the wrappers from the page that appears in the iframe when you click Carlisle's name.
Oct 26 2017, 07:57 PM
When you are viewing a post, at the top is a bar that has "Topic Title, Topic Description". I'm currently coding a skin where the topic title is on top of the description (which I already figured out how to do, that part was easy) but the comma, and it's following space, are messing up the look of my code when there is a description for the topic.

So, is there a way to either a ) remove the comma (as needed for this particular skin) or b ) replace it with a different character (as needed for a future skin)?

Board Link:
Oct 2 2017, 01:49 AM
I'm having an issue with skins I'm building. There's an area under the topbar that is unclickable. If a post button is scrolled there, you can't click it. You can't click links that appear there.

I right-clicked to inspect the code (as is my default when something doesn't behave as expected) and it highlights my Navigatin section. And while hovering, it doesn't show any of my margins or padding covering the affected area at all. But there are two line breaks in the code that I didn't put there, so I assume are part of the JCink Navigation coding.

I think it's these line breaks that are giving me the "no click zone" It's the only thing I can think of. Plus, when I use the code thing (that comes up on right-clicking then hitting "Inspect") to strip them out, I can click in the "no click zone" again. Do they serve a purpose I don't understand? Is there a way to strip them out?

The "no click zone" doesn't affect my sidebar, which is how i didn't notice it until my other Admin complained about not being able to click the post buttons, but I think that's because the sidebar has a higher z-index. And I can't use that so solve my problem, because the top bar needs to stay on top of the board.

Link to board: Wish Upon A Star

This is what I see when I hit "Inspect" on my right-click menu. My div for the nav-bar section is selected, and when I expand it, I see this:

And this is an example of the "no click zone". The lines "Disney personified site and Luna needs to fill out the rest of this." are where the no-click zone is. My cursor is the normal arrow, and as as soon as I move down to cover the next line, it turns into a text-cursor.

This is my code in that section of my wrappers:
     <div class='WSTopBar'>
       <div class="m-<!-- |g_id| -->">
         <div class='WSTBLinks'>
           <a href="admin.php" target="_blank" class="acp-<!-- |g_access_cp| -->"><i class="fa fa-cog" aria-hidden="true"></i>Admin CP</a>
           <a href="index.php?act=modcp" class="mcp-<!-- |g_is_supmod| -->"><i class='fa fa-wrench' aria-hidden='true'></i>Mod CP</a>
         <div class='WSTBLinks'>
           <a href='index.php'><i class='fa fa-home' aria-hidden='true'></i>Home</a>
           <a href='index.php?act=Msg&CODE=01'><i class='fa fa-envelope-open' aria-hidden='true'></i>Inbox</a>
           <a href='index.php?act=Arcade'><i class='fa fa-gamepad' aria-hidden='true'></i>Arcade</a>
           <a href='index.php?act=Members'><i class='fa fa-users' aria-hidden='true'></i>Member List</a>
           <a href='index.php?act=UserCP'><i class='fa fa-cogs' aria-hidden='true'></i>Settings</a>
           <a href="index.php?act=Login&CODE=03&key=<!-- |auth_key| -->"><i class='fa fa-sign-out' aria-hidden='true'></i>Log Out</a>
       <div class="g-<!-- |g_id| -->" style="display: none;">
         <div class='WSTBLinks'>
           <a href='index.php'><i class='fa fa-home' aria-hidden='true'></i>Home</a>
           <a href='/index.php?act=Login&CODE=00'><i class='fa fa-sign-in' aria-hidden='true'></i>Log In</a>
           <a href='/index.php?act=Reg&CODE=00'><i class='fa fa-pencil-square-o' aria-hidden='true'></i>Register</a>
       <div class='WSTBNav'><% NAVIGATION %></div>

And my CSS for that section:
.WSTopBar {
 border-bottom:2px solid #555;
.WSTBLinks {
 padding:0px 5px;
 font:22px/22px GreatThings;
 margin:5px 0px;
.WSTBLinks .fa {font-weight:normal;}
.WSTBLinks a {color:#fefffb;}
.WSTBNav {
 font:22px/22px GreatThings;
 margin:-5px 0px 0px 10px;
.WSTBNav a {color:#fefffb;}
#navstrip  {
padding:6px 0px 16px 0px;
#navi br { display: none; }
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