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 HTML Templates / Custom Forum Templates

In the docs, <!-- |name_prefix| --> and <!-- |name_suffix| --> are listed under post rows as displaying the author's group prefix/suffix, but they don't appear when I tried it out. I'm assuming it's supposed to work like the prefix & suffix variables for the mini profile except in the post rows– if it's not, ignore me!
Those are for store purchased name prefixes and suffixes only.

Update: I have made a change/bug fix to the main profile template.

If this setting:

Field can be edited by the member?
If no, user cannot edit information, field can only be seen by admins and super mods. Admins can edit information via ACP.

Was set to 'No.'

Or this setting:
Hide from the member's profile?
If yes, only admins and super mods can see it, user can still edit if the below option is set to 'Yes'

Was set to 'Yes' the custom profile fields were effectively unusable in main profile templates. It had the illusion that it was working because as long as you were an admin or supermod, it was fine. As a member, it wasn't. I "fixed" this.

The way it works now is that since you control these variables, similar to the mini profile, the setting has no effect on the variable display. I've added this note as well:

Note: This setting has no effect on <!-- |field_#| --> variable display in main profiles.

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