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 Mini Profile Help
Hi I'm Muffle I just joined because I couldn't figure something out, which is weird because I've actually been able to input a custom mini profile again. It might be because I haven't messed with Jcink in a little over a year now, as an admin anyways. Since I have poor memory, I probably easily forgot to do something. Anyways, I've put in my mini profile code, and put up the the custom profile fields, and yet it still is not showing up.

Here is the code in case there might be mistakes:

<center><div id="mini"><!-- |avatar| --><div class="minih"><div class="ministatus"><!-- |alias_1| --> is <!-- |status| --></div><div class="miniposts"><!-- |posts| --><div class="minicount">posts</div></div><div class="minibutt"><a href="<!-- |id| -->">view posts</a></div><div class="minibutt"><a href="<!-- |id| -->">send message</a></div><div class="mininfo"><div class="inf"><b>AGE:</b> <!-- |field_2| --></div><div class="inf"><b>PRONOUNS:</b> <!-- |field_3| --></div><div class="inf"><b>SEXUALITY:</b> <!-- |field_4| --></div><div class="inf"><b>FLOOR NUMBER:</b> <!-- |field_5| --></div><div class="inf"><b>OCCUPATION:</b> <!-- |field_6| --></div><div class="inf"><b>FACE CLAIM:</b> <!-- |field_7| --></div></div><div class="miniuts"><a href="<!-- |field_8| -->">application</a></div><div class="miniutt"><a href="<!-- |field_9| -->">shipper</a></div><div class="miniutw"><a href="<!-- |field_10| -->">directory</a></div></div></div><div class="mininame"><!-- |name| --></div></center>
Have you enabled the use of a mini profile?
Also did you put it in the mini profile template under HTML templates or profile templates, because the latter is no longer in use!
I just entered it into HTML, wasn't aware it changed. I put it into the mini profile slot, am I correct to put it there?

Also I dont remember how to enable mini profile. I see a forum saying to go to System Settings > CPU Savings... but I, well I don't see any CPU savings. Was it changed as well?
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