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Jan 18 2017, 04:30 PM
hi! so one of my staff members can't see the scrollbars on the application on the site. they can see the main scrollbar that lets you scroll down the page, but the application scrollbars are just gone. they work for everyone else, though. we're all using chrome, and i've tested it on both mac and windows computers and have no problem.

also, they can see scrollbars in random areas through the site that Aren't the application, but the app itself has no scrollbars, or the scrollbar will appear and then disappear.

here's a link to the app:

i'm just not sure where to even begin because everyone else has no problem, but could there be something in my actual code that's making this bug out? any help would be greatly appreciated!
Jan 11 2017, 12:37 PM
hi! i was just wondering - i know body affects the important topics / forum topics area when you are in topic view, but is there a specific class that affects those without having to mess with the whole body area? i basically just want to change the font size/padding and couldn't find a separate class that would let me do that.

thanks so much in advance!
Jan 4 2017, 12:28 PM
hi! so i just swapped my cfs to the html templates (which was really easy to do by the way, the guide is great!) and everything went without a hitch except for the board stats, which i was having trouble with before i made the swap. basically none of the values are showing up, such as the online list, newest member, etc.

the values wouldn't show up in black's cfs script either, which leads me to believe there may be something in my other codes that are messing it up, but i can't figure out what it could be.

also, is it possible to use custom webpages in the stats? as you can see i'm trying to use one i've created for affiliates but it doesn't work.

thanks so much!
Sep 8 2016, 09:17 AM
preview issues [SOLVED]
hi, i was having some issues with the preview looking a lot different from the actual posts, especially when it comes to positioning, letter spacing, etc. text is also capitalized in tables.
so i was wondering which classes i would need to look at to affect the preview screen so that it matches the actual post?? any help would be appreciated!

the site is here:
Aug 30 2016, 09:49 AM
hi! i just had a quick question, what css class would affect the list of user's sub accounts in their control panel? (when they click on settings -> subaccounts & it shows the subaccount name and date registered). mine is much darker than the rest of the bg and i'm racking my brains trying to figure out which class affects it.

here's the link !

thank you!
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