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Dec 10 2016, 07:08 PM
So while developing items for my site's store, I noticed that the store appears to have a habit of listing things in descending alphabetical order, as in Z to A. Is there any way we could change this, or have a feature added to dictate how items are displayed, like we have on post topics? Or is there a way and I'm just missing it?
Nov 14 2016, 04:03 PM
Hey folks! Another coding question here.

I am attempting to do a code in which certain colors on the Mini Profile change to match a group's select hue. Essentially, I was going to try something like:
<div  class="<!-- |g_id| -->"><span id="name">Stuff</span></div>

Now the question is, in my CSS.. How would I format the class to match the ID? Would it be
.g-1 { }


.1 { }

... I hope that makes sense? Haha. Thanks for the help!
Nov 12 2016, 07:17 PM
I was wondering if there is a way/script to change the "Posted:" part of the post details to a symbol or the like? A lot of people use Font Awesome icons for things, and I would love to be able to change this specific snippet to something else.
Nov 8 2016, 01:37 AM
URL Availability [SOLVED]

I was wondering if could be made available for claiming. I'm not sure what the requirements or time restraints are, but if it can be, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
Sep 11 2016, 01:20 PM
Hey Jcink!

I noticed recently that for some reason that I cannot solve, my site's Recent Topics plug-in isn't showing "in-character" posts people are putting up for any account other than a Staff account. It seems to only be targeting our Advertising section, and our various plotting, request, announcement areas. This is fairly detrimental to the site, as it makes us appear less active than we actually are!

A link to the site:

I'm not sure if somewhere in the ACP we hit a flag that's hiding all the posts done in the Site Events, Royal Palace, City of Corus, and Elsewhere categories from the Recent Topics feature.

Help would be appreciated!
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