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 Post Icons
Apologies if someone has already asked this before. My question is about the post icon macros available at the bottom of each post.

Essentially, I've added in custom post macros for my board and they work just fine, however, I would like to get rid of the smilies specifically.

Is this possible? Is there a way to hide only the smiley faces and keep the custom post icons?

Thanks in advance.
Yes, you can mass edit the macros to add and remove what you want. Inside the ACP go to Skins & Templates > Macros > Click EDIT on the set you are working with. From this screen, there is a link that says MASS EDIT. Click on it to see all your macros

You may need to replace the default macros with your custom ones. Use the variables listed here to replace them.

EDIT - just in case I misunderstood your question. You can also mass edit the clickable smilies. ACP> Administration > Manage Emoticons.

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sweet serenity, a sailor moon roleplay 
I may not have been clear enough in my question, so I'm uploading an image along side it. Hopefully this will explain more clearly what I'm looking for.

In the image you will see that I have removed the smilies you would normally find on the side or the "clickable smilies".

What I am looking to remove specifically are the smilies located at the bottom of the post, as you can see circled in the image. These smiles do not exist in the list of macros to be edited.

My question is where do they exist and can I remove them.

Edit: The icons you see that I've added such as OOC/Mature/Event ect. were added with the <{P_ICON1}> macros. They have not replaced the emoticons, merely shifted them down the line.

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They do exist, you just have to know the name of the variable

You have to replace the emoticons. For example, the last emoticon is "Post Icon #14". You will have to go to "Add New Macro" then enter <{P_ICON14}> into the Macro Key, and the image you are using into the Macro Replacement. (Using <img src="IMAGE URL">)

There are 14 default ones total (I think). So you will have to go about replacing each one. However, if you want to have a blank one just leave the macro key blank.

Basically you can't remove the default ones but you can replace them.

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sweet serenity, a sailor moon roleplay 
Since I see no link to your board I cannot give you more specific help, unfortunately. That being said, I would look into nth child as a way to solve this as it's the only way I was able to accomplish a very similar thing on my board. Here's an example of what I've worked out for my board, though it will probably take some trial and error before you work out what give you the effect you desire.

#post-icon-options .radiobutton:nth-child(-n+9) {display: none}

As for the smilies themselves I simply did what the posted above me so helpfully outlined and removed them from my macros - the confusing part is that you must first add them to remove them, but when I added them I made them blank so it's really a two birds with one stone situation anyway.

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Thank you both, Symphonic and Owl for your replies. I wasn't understanding that you would, as Owl said, need to essentially add them in, in order to leave them blank. I appreciate the assistance on both your parts!

I have since added in each macro through 14, leaving the actual macro section blank to essentially delete the smilies. So it's certainly the beginning of a fix.
I'll look in to the nth child as well Owl.

Thanks again everyone.
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