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max rockatansky


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Jun 9 2017, 03:33 PM
alright so i've done some digging and found this post - should it also work for main profiles? on my site we basically use the profiles for apps, but we also have an ooc member group and i'd like to have a completely separate profile layout for those since obviously we don't have a ton of character info to put about ourselves. however when i tried that script i couldn't get it to work.
Jun 5 2017, 05:04 AM
i feel like this has been mentioned before, and i s2g at the time i thought john said he thought he fixed it but??? it's actually gotten worse for me. with html turned on in profile fields, if there's an apostrophe in the field it eats any text that comes after it - i used to be able to get around this by using ' instead of ' but now it's like it converts the html for an apostrophe and THEN eats the text that comes after it?
Jun 1 2017, 02:33 AM
in forum descriptions as they are now, line breaks are automatically parsed as <br> and create empty lines on the site. would it be possible to get an option to turn this off? i know that a lot of people often have semi-complicated bits of code that go into their forum descriptions in order to achieve the aesthetic they want for their site, and i'm sure i'm not the only person who finds it slightly difficult to read/edit their code when it's all squished into one block of text.
May 11 2017, 07:22 PM
May 11 2017, 07:22 PM
i'm not sure if this is a known bug but it's been going on for me for ages?

if i set up a series of custom bbcodes and nest them in a post, and then edit the post for some reason, the tags all end up rearranging themselves?

for example, i have a code that i'm trying to set up that looks like this -

[claim][IMG][/IMG][hover=FFB151] [/hover][h1]rami malek[/h1][inner][h2] ahmad el-hadidy [/h2][h2]geb [egyptian][/h2][h2]terrakinesis + reaping[/h2][h2]doe[/h2][/inner][/claim]

but once it's been posted, if i edit the post suddenly it comes out like this instead

[claim][IMG][/IMG][hover=FFB151] [/claim][h1]rami malek[/h1][inner][h2] ahmad el-hadidy [/h2][h2]geb [egyptian][/h2][h2]terrakinesis + reaping[/h2][h2]doe[/h2][/hover][/inner]

this isn't the end of the world as i can just fix the tags, but obviously it's really inconvenient.
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