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Jun 9 2018, 11:20 PM
I'm currently making a theme. I'm doing a lot of hard work, well let's just say styling the skin, making html templates for it etc etc etc

I'm struggling w/ making html templates for the forum row. what I want to ask is, how do you make the forum rows to be vertical aligned?

so it goes like, how do you make it to be like pic 2 instead of pic 1, any tips? (I've attached the pictures below)

thank you so much

(P.s 1: yes, I'm coding this outside Jcink for testing purpose. that's only a mock up
P.s 2: I'm sorry if this topic is considered double but I've searched everywhere for it and ended up borrowing nothing.)
Jun 1 2018, 12:53 AM
hey there
I have a custom bbcode called 'test' which looks like
[test=1]hey there[/test]

it will output 1[hey there]
its purpose is when you click the number 1, the [hey there] will change color

the problem is when there are multiple of this custom bbcode in one post
[test=1]hey there[/test]

so if I click the number 1, the [hey there] changes color, but the [hello] at the number 2 changes color too!!
what should I do in order to prevent the 'not target' element from changing color?? I've read about e.preventDefault() thingy but I don't understand how to use it

here's my code
<div class="testnum" onclick="$('.testcont').css({'color':'#fff'});">(PARAM1)</div><div class="testcont">(PARAM2)</div>

thank you
May 30 2018, 07:29 AM
hello I want to ask a question
is there any default value available for (PARAM1)/(PARAM2) in custom bbcode?
bcs there's one forum I know that can implement a default value for their params on their custom bbcode

ex. they have a custom bbcode that looks like

if the user inputs
[test=1]hey there[/test]

it'll output 1[hey there], and if the user inputs
[test]hey there[/test]

it'll output [hey there], without the 1 before the []

so is this possible?

thank you very much
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