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Today at 01:46 pm
I have created a skin generator for Jcink:

Essentially, you're able to input basic color and image values (and additional options) and the values hook into the CSS. This is particularly useful for people with no HTML/CSS knowledge, or perhaps it will help you create a skin at a faster rate.

Please leave any suggestions or feedback you have regarding the skin generator here.
Jun 9 2018, 02:20 AM
I would like to see the ability to replace files on Jcink rather than have to delete the file and re-upload it. This can have many benefits for designers, coders, and even average board users. Being a coder here would be my main use for it: If I were able to replace a JS file I could update the JS file with bug fixes and improvements rather than uploading a new file with the fixes/improvements and having users re-apply the new file to their board, whereas they wouldn't have to do a thing except for maybe clear cache if we had the option to replace files, because fixes/improvements could be a global change for everyone that is using the JS file on their board.
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