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Mar 5 2016, 10:17 PM
Hello Jcink Support Forums!

It's been a while, I'm planning on pulling some kind of prank on my friends by changing the skin on April Fools, which also requires me to change some images so they match up with the changes.

Anyway, only one skin is in-use, while every other skins are hidden. They're all based on the old, blue default skin (I suppose it's the Invision Default?), since it's an old site (not an RP site!). I was going to make a copy of that one skin, but with slight changes, such as images.

Then I came across the navigation bar images, which is basically just the same image (a simple dot/bullet) for every link, but they aren't part of any skin/macros, so they remain the same throughout all skins.

I just want to know how you'd make a different image show up based on the skin. I've tried making a new macro and entered the key in the navigation bar set up, but that didn't work since it isn't the board wrapper.

I suppose this should be done by changing something in the style sheet? I'm not that good with CSS stuff, so I can do simple things like changing the link colors and all that, but not changing an image and having it based on the skin.

I've also tried searching and googling, but the key words are probably too specific or I just can't find anything that helps.

Sep 1 2015, 09:41 AM
Ahoy there, matey! I be askin' for a feature for tis pirate ship! Argh!

Hello, I was looking at some old webpages and I found things that I've long forgotten even existed... Then I noticed that all webpages have URLs ending with "pid=x" with the ID where the x is. This tells me that if one had access to a webpage, then they basically has access to all custom webpages, including the ones weren't meant to be a webpage at all (part of codes included in wrappers as "include keys") by just changing the number around.

In fact, anyone familiar with Jcink can access any page on any site that uses the webpage maker.

This isn't really a problem, I wouldn't be including sensitive info like passwords in a webpage, but let's say we wanted to make something like an unlisted YouTube video sort of thing...
My site was a gigantic mess and it has several old (horrible) pages that I wanna keep for nostalgia's sake, but want them hidden from the public. (of course they aren't "hidden" atm)

I don't know if this was already a feature that I couldn't find in the ACP, but it would be cool to be able to give each page a custom name (like index.php?act=Pages&pid=secretpage).
Apr 1 2013, 09:48 AM
I made a new board, but I don't know why it keeps redirecting me away from the board. What's the code that's causing this?

Here's a link to the board if you need it:

Dec 17 2012, 10:44 PM
First, I don't think I'm posting this in Feature Requests because it's not a request. I just needed help with this BBCode:

The letters posted between the tags gets replaced by images, so I can easily create Picture-Cryptogram puzzles (without using another site which I made just to easily generate a load of image BBCodes)

So all letter A's get replaced by image1.png, B's get replaced by image2.png and so on.

So for example

becomes four images, with the replacement image based on the letter posted.

if the post is

then the first and fourth replacement image are the same, because they're both A's.

And I want to replace letters only, not numbers or symbols, just A to Z, lowercase and uppercase both replaced by the same image.
I'd also want to replace the space because the normal space is too hard to see between images.

So is there a way to add such a BBCode?
I don't mind advanced Javascript, as long as it works the way I wanted.
Aug 17 2012, 11:36 PM
I searched for keywords "poll" and "votes" before posting, I found one topic by Kiddiecat. Quite similar, but not really the same as what I'm requesting.

All I want to request is the ability for Admins to view who voted in a poll, just like ProBoards. But I also request something ProBoards doesn't seem to have: to see what they voted.
That's all I needed, thanks biggrin.gif
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