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May 16 2017, 07:48 PM
I realised today that there was no birthday section on my board, which I'd like to add but I came across some issues...

Is it possible to use javascript in the html templates? I just tried to write an if statement and it wouldn't work until I put it into the board wrapper, but in the board wrappers I couldn't use the <!-- |birthdays| --> variable that we can use in the HTML board stats template.

I've never written my own if statement before (since school anyway), so there's a chance I was just getting it wrong. I was trying to write a prefix/title for the birthdays list, by making "Happy birthday to:" only appear when there is a birthday to display after it.

As I said, I've never done it before so there's a chance I was just doing it badly, or trying to get it to accept variables where they shouldn't work... but I was just wondering, and also wondering if there's a way I can get a title for the birthdays section to also be dependent on the number of birthdays if I can't use java?


(Site it's for: )
Feb 21 2017, 01:07 AM
I'm editing a new skin for Wolf Out, using the HTML template system (you wont be able to see the skin as a guest, but for the record I'm using one called 'HOLD UP' which is in the templates on the rpg-resources forum). I have a space on the main profile where I wasn't sure what to put in it, and I was trying a couple of different things out. I tried the visitor list, and I'm not sure, but I think it's got an error? (I'm not sure what json format is so it may be planned) If it's an error, I think it's because the word is misspelled?


Related question, if that's okay: From the way its displayed and being so long, I'm assuming it's going to be displayed vertically when the error has been fixed? Is there a way for me to change it to be inline or in any other configuration? If not that's fine, I'll fill the gap with something else, I just wondered.
Jan 13 2017, 07:29 PM

I'm the admin on Wolf Out, and I've coded the skin using the default templates, codes given to me on the resource forum/here andd occasionally code from W3 schools and other places on the internet, but its mostly the former 2.

Anyways, for the last couple of skins I've been getting error messages... and it's clearly been bits transferred between skins. I'm not SURE if it's been since I got my new laptop, because it's having trouble with a few sites, or if my members get error messages too, but it does seem to be referencing actual bits of code. I definitely don't get as many errors on other jcink sites though, I'm a member of another one too so I visit both sites everyday, sometimes I get one on there but I get 3 on wolf out. These error messages are also unpredictable and only show up some of the time, but it's more often than not. Right now they're not deciding to show up even though they were earlier.

Even more rarely, a thing shows up for debugging and shows a little more info into the error messages. That came up just now, so I wanted to share the info it gave me and I was hoping someone could tell me how to fix the problem?


It only tells me about one error message, I think, rather than all 3... but that's all I have right now. :\ I may reply with screenshots of the actual error messages if they decide to show up now that I've posted, or when I next need to reply if I can.
Sep 11 2016, 11:44 PM
Hi, I know I've already posted in the general board today, but while coding, I think I found what I think is a bug with the macros. I'm not sure if this has existed for a while because I distinctly remember being really confused about which macro was for which last time I coded a skin with fresh macros rather than just changing colours according to what they were before.

This is an issue with the hot topic macros. Even though the list of macros at the bottom of the forums (where it says "[image] Open Topic (new replies)
[image] Open Topic (no new replies) etc.") are on the right images for whether they've been read or not, the macro beside to the actual hot topic is always the one in "Hot Topic - No New Posts / Replied" field, no matter whether there's a new post or not.

I've tried this on both my skinning board ( and on my active board ( and as far as I can tell, it's happening on both. On WOskins, I changed all the hot topic related macros to their exact names so I could tell which I could see when, and then I checked which macro would show.

Here are those screenshots from WOskins:
This one was when all the posts in the hot topic (the top one) have been read and marked as read on the view new posts section.
I then posted with an account NOT linked to the account with this skin, and went back to the original account to see if the macros had changed:
This is the result.
(I've added in the 'Marked as read" / "Marked as unread" later on so that I knew which screenshot was which.)
(Please excuse the unfinished/broken skin)

As you can see, the macros stay exactly the same, even though there's a new post, which I haven't clicked on, I haven't been into the topic and I haven't marked it as read in the view new topics area either.

I checked this out on Wolf Out as it could've been a mistake with the skin. This time I used two linked accounts to make the post, it marks that there is a new post on the board index but when I go into the forum it's exactly the same symbol whether the new post is there or not.
Wolf Out Screenshot 1 | Wolf Out Screenshot 2

These are two totally different skins, so I don't think it's just been in my coding from the start. I assume there's SUPPOSED to be a different macro when someone posts in a hot topic from when there are no new posts, since there are four macros delegated to hot topics and one is seemingly not being used, - and anyway, why list a read/unread macro at bottom if only one is relevant? - but it's definitely not working for me.

If you need access to either of my sites to look into it, please let me know (and let me know which).

If anybody else has the same result, it'd be good to confirm below that it's not just my skinning, please?

Thanks! and I hope this is an easy fix. Also, sorry this is long.
Sep 11 2016, 06:15 PM

I was just wondering how to remove the 'subforums:' prefix part before the subforums list on the main index. I know I've seen a way before but I'm looking for it and I can't find it. I know this is pretty basic but I'm stuck and I'd like to move on in my skinning as this was supposed to go onto my forum at the beginning of the month XD


Also the skin isn't visible but this will be for - since it's in the rules to link the site.

P.S. I'm not using the HTML templates right now, so I need the way for the css stylesheet/board wrappers please
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