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Nov 2 2016, 09:55 PM
Granted, this is more general coding support and less Jcink support that I need help with, but I can't find the link to the official support forum so I figured I would try my luck.

Here's my site (pardon the design, it's still cooking) and if you look you might notice some rough controls in the upper-left corner about options regarding the sidebar. The problem is that one each new page load it forgets your preference, which I imagine would be end up pretty frustrating. Any help on how on Earth to get cookies to behave (I have tried so much) would be amazing.

The Javascript code I've cobbled together basically adds and takes away classes from the site's body, and then I've styled each option differently using CSS. Let me know if having the script itself would be handy and I'd be happy to provide it.
Oct 26 2016, 06:05 PM
So I'm not really sure if this is an old bug, or something that's working as intended (if the latter, can you please move this to requests for me?) but when I edit a custom bbcode any actual instances of the code being used on the board breaks.

Is there anyway it could be altered to work so that if I edit it stays intact and appears with the new edits instead of reverting to HTML? Since my board doesn't have doHTML enabled even needing to make the smallest edits results in disaster for large swaths of my board just as soon as anyone goes to edit an effected post.

I know you're well busy right now, but given that some of my bbcode can now be eliminated what with the new post templates (and others need sorely to be altered) it's been a headache.

In other news RIP the plotting section of my board. xD
Oct 1 2016, 08:00 PM
So I editing my Board Guidelines, and suddenly it kicked me off the skin I was using and switched me to the default one. I just figured it was a hiccup, but when I went to change it I no longer had a skin selector, only one that would let me select my language. Now I'm getting errors on random pages that were working fine a moment ago. I'm at a loss of what might be going wrong, but here's the other info I have.

My Board Guidelines as they were when I got booted from my skin:

<H1>Quick Start</h1><ul><li>Though we do things a little differently here, this quick guide should making getting started a simple and easy process.<p><b>Required Reading</b> <A href="/index.php?showtopic=703&view=findpost&p=1364">Rules</a>, <a href="/index.php?showtopic=722&st=0&#entry1400">Plot</a>, <a href="/index.php?showtopic=704&view=findpost&p=1365">F.A.Q</a><p><b>Resources</b> <A href="/index.php?showtopic=711&view=findpost&p=1376">New Character Resources</a>, <a href="/index.php?showforum=140#topic-list">Wanted Characters</a>, <A href="/index.php?showtopic=705&view=findpost&p=1366">Adoptables</a>, <a href="/index.php?showforum=138#topic-list">Help</a></li><li><b>Registering</b> Before you can register a character account you must register an OoC account. This only has to be done once; afterward you can register as many character accounts as you like. Once you're registered you're automatically accepted, and once you sort your account you are free to post around the board.

<table><tr><td><b>Registering an OoC account</b> Make sure your username matches your given alias / the name you go by in the cbox</td><td><b>Registering a character account</b> Register using your character's name, properly capitalized. Our registration and application processes are one in the same and all character information can be easily edited later as you see fit. There is no minimum / maximum application length. </td></tr></table></li></ul>

<style>.regwrap{display:none!important}.tablepad{display:block!important}.pformstrip {Font-size: 15px}

li {text-align: center; padding: 30px; display: inline-block}

ul {list-style-type: none}</style>

Other things I've done recently:
-Edit random posts
-Turn off quick edit via the ACP
-Add the CFS quick edit feature
-Small edits to my CSS regarding said quick edit feature

I am also using custom fields in my wrappers, as such: (on the skin I got booted from, not my current default)

<body ID="<!-- |input_act| -->" class="ID<!-- |g_id| --> <!-- |field_44| -->chat <!-- |field_45| -->cw <!-- |field_46| -->gif <!-- |field_47| -->palette <!-- |field_48| -->font">

Edit: Looks like my webpage keys aren't working on my default skin, either including default ones like "<% PM %>"
Edit2: Complete removal of CFS (which I was only using for the post) makes no difference.
Edit3: My ACP still says I'm using the skin I was kicked off of.
Sep 23 2016, 07:24 PM
I'd like to toggle the ability for members to see the settings in this area, and I was wondering if an id could be included. I also think it will be useful for styling with more specific selectors. I've included a screenshot for clarification:
Sep 1 2016, 04:18 PM
This could very well be user error, but here's what I'm experiencing.

I made an incredibly simple skin set so that I don't have to wipe one of the more complex ones every time I want to build a skin from the ground up. I exported the skin, but every time I try and upload it I get the following error:

"This file does not appear to have a valid Stylesheet, or is not a proper Skin Set XML file."

Is it having issues because my base is so, so simple or have I made an embarrassing mistake here?
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Hi there! :) Just curious as to what your forum URL is and what it's about? ^_^
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