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Today at 12:26 pm
I'm slowly working on building up a new skin, and want to use the parent_id variable to link to and send pms to parent accounts as I'll be disabling pms for character accounts.

As it is now, an account that does not have a parent account and uses that variable will default to 0. Is it possible to replace the parent_id with that account's own id, instead? There's probably a way to do this with js/jquery but if there is I'm having a brainfart.

Skin's an eyesore, you've been warned
Parent account - parent_id shows 0
Sub account - parent_id shows 1, which is correct
Nov 27 2016, 11:02 PM
Can it be raised?

Me and my co-admin kinda... Challenged each other to write our character's history finally... And we both just blew straight through that 32.something-thousand character limit. (well over 5k words at this point, in fact) and I tried to raise the limit to 80k (and then 60k in the hopes that it would change, lol), however the limit keeps reverting to the default.

Here's her character's profile. As you can see, she had to start writing her history in the next section on the page. (Accordion structures are wonderful)
Aug 15 2016, 03:40 PM
So, working some more on my site, and me/the other admins remembered a pretty neat feature of the previous site we were all on together - the ability to have custom CSS in the profiles. (and, with the new templates system, we actually have it working (wheee rounded borders), which is pretty cool imo)

However, it occurred to us that because of how linebreaks are automatically turned into a <br /> in the html of a profile field, we'd never be able to have neatly-formatted CSS and it would all be jumbled together and messy, similar to inline CSS.

Would it be possible to allow the parsing of line breaks as an option in the custom field settings? This way we could turn it on or off by field, depending on what we're doing. Because the parsing is quite useful for our members who don't know much about HTML and just want to type out their applications freely, but what is perfectly fine for most fields can get a bit tricky for others.
Aug 11 2016, 08:29 PM

So basically, whenever myself or another admin goes to edit a user's profile (updating their number of points, updating their point log when they're first accepted, or just being lazy with our own accounts) the HTML that is entered into custom fields just completely stops being parsed and is shown as raw HTML. Editing the profile from the UCP seems to fix it, until the next ACP/MCP edit is made.

With how our point system is, we have a lot of points that have to be entered manually, and I know for myself I tend to update my character's point logs as often as I can, and because I'ma lazy admin, I like just staying on my admin account and editing my accounts through the ACP. But of course, that means having to log into an account every time I edit from the ACP to hit submit, otherwise the HTML starts looking like what is in the profile above.

All our member groups are able to use HTML in the custom fields and that setting is checked, as well. I looked in my console, and found no errors, although the HTML that's been entered into the custom fields are displaying as a string of text like this, which is odd.

here's a working example of our profile having been edited through the UCP. And if you look in the console, the HTML I've entered in the custom fields shows up just as it should.
Jul 29 2016, 12:54 AM
Wow, umm, that was fast. -hides-

You can see the issue starting under "The Southern Domain," seems like about halfway down the boards start getting all mangled up.

Here's the code I'm using for the forum rows. (oh man does it feel good to be able to have line breaks)

<div id="row-<!-- |forum_id| -->" alt="" class="new-row">
  <div class="indcont">
<div class="indname"><!-- |name| --></div>
<div class="inddesc"><!-- |description| --></div>
<div class="indlp"><b>last post:</b> <!-- |last_topic| --> by <!-- |last_poster| --> on <!-- |last_post| --></div>
<div class="indexfstats">
 <div class="indtopic"><!-- |topics| --> topics</div>
 <div class="indreply"><!-- |replies| --> replies</div>

And my second question -- With Black's CFS, I was able to have full HTML in my custom fields. The syntax was a bit finicky, but it's really nice to be able to throw in some styles so that each user isn't all plain. (This was a huge thing on the RP that me and my admins came from, back in the day.)

Now, however, it's just showing the HTML as plain text. Would there be a way to fix this, without reverting to CFS?
With Jcink Templates and With CFS
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