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Feb 20 2017, 10:18 PM
Is it possible to give custom BBCodes "tooltips" like the default Jcink BBCode has on hover, in the small area under the buttons themselves?

For example:
Feb 16 2017, 05:36 PM
I am curious as to how possible it is to customize and position Global Shouts - I've never used the Global Shouts from a shoutbox before but would like for shouts to be displayed near the top of my board. Does this require the "Latest News" section to be visible?
Feb 6 2017, 03:21 AM
So the site I am currently working on would love to be able to @Tag people in the Jcink Shoutbox - which we use as something of a "rumour mill". How possible/easy would this be? And/or is it already available and we're just not realizing it?

It would be really neat if @tagging in the Shoutbox also alerted accounts like regular @tagging in posts etc!
Jan 29 2017, 10:59 PM
This may be a bug.

The last time I used awards on a site, I thought they listed on the mini-profile in the order they were bought and used - the first one used was the first one listed, etc. Recently I've noticed that this has... reversed. Now it lists the last one added first, at least if the award is purchased from the IBStore.

Is this intended, or a glitch in the matrix? Is there a way to change this?

This may have some connection to when I pointed out that IBStore items were listing from Z to A instead of vice versa and that got changed.
Jan 27 2017, 02:49 PM
So there are two things I would looooove for IBStore Quizzes - a site I am currently staffing on is interested in using the Quiz with a point bonus for new members as a sort of "Yes I read all the pertinent info" test. If they score ___, they get a point bonus, yay.

The problem: As is, the Quiz cannot be restricted in any way so they could cheat the system by taking the quiz on their OOC account, and then on every single character account. This is a no-no.

The Solution? While there is a work-around to this (rules stating only to take the quiz on your OOC account, and point deductions if they take the quiz with their IC, etc), it would be amazing if we could potentially limit or restrict store Quizzes by usergroup. I have no idea how possible this is, but if it is in any capacity, it would be a hugely useful feature.


Request #2 concerning IBStore Quizzes

The Problem: As it stands, Quiz questions are actually uneditable. It does offer an "Edit Quiz Questions & Answers" drop-down but what happens when you click this is that it makes the first and ONLY the first question editable. Once you click "Update", that's it, it closes out, and you have no way to reach your other questions.

The Solution? If this could be addressed at some point and resolved so that all questions of a multi-question quiz could be edited, it'd help extensively!
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