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May 9 2018, 09:02 PM
i think it could be really awesome if there were a variable for grabbing group count, as there's no way to get it from the backend. i'm not sure how possible this would be, but it'd make stats updating etc. a whole ton easier.

or if there's a way to grab the numbering through scripting ? though i doubt it as i'm pretty sure it's only existent in the backend ?
Nov 11 2017, 09:32 PM
so our board stats as of yesterday have been displaying oddly. i couldn't for the life of me figure out why– staff and i have discussed and even when all us are logged in, we can't see each other.

at any one times we typically only see our names, or if not our names, then only one or two other members names when we know other staff is online, not logged in anonymously. i've logged out and back in again to doublecheck that i wasn't on anon but to no avail.

this is our board:

if this is just a temporary thing, or just something i did possibly ? that'd be great to know.

i've checked it over on just the default skin and it continues to have the same problem.

sorry if it's something i totally overlooked and thanks !
Sep 22 2017, 04:04 PM
Sep 22 2017, 04:04 PM
this is not a big deal at all if there's no workable solution.

i've found that when using emojis like ��, upon 'quick editing' the post, it breaks the emoji, so you have to full edit in order to edit the post.

is there any way to circumvent this ?
Sep 9 2017, 06:35 PM
this might already be a thing and i just can't find the proper documentation. i saw some older posts about categories / forums having their own RSS feed links, and was wondering whether it was still a feature ?
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