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 Read before requesting
Feature Requests

I. Introduction
II. How to request well
III. Rejected/Features not going to be done - do not request

I. Introduction

This forum is for suggesting modifications/features for JFH. Mods = Modifications, IE changes to the JFH board software specifically.

II. How to request

1. Stay organized and clear when you make a request. Please be specific in exactly what you want. Provide as much information or as many links as possible to what you mean.

2. Try to have proper grammar, and explain what you want clearly. If we can't understand your writing, we're not going to do the request.

3. Search of this forum to see if a feature request already has a thread. We don't want lots of new threads for the same feature(s). Instead, post a reply to an existing thread to show your support for it saying something like, "I would like to see this as well."

4. Don't post bug reports in this forum. E.g. "Fix the portal up, fix the store" those are not suggestions. Post bug reports in the appropriate forum.

5. Be patient. This is very important. Due dates or ETAs for features are never given, so please do not ask.

6. If you have an existing suggestion that has not been tended to in a month/day/year, bear in mind that this forum is full of all kinds of suggestions... and we can only get to so many of them. We try to build feature suggestions based on what gets most-requested, if possible. Some features are quite simple, others are complex. Therefore, we prioritize. If it has been a long time (6 months or more), you may bump your post to let us know that you're still interested and need the feature.

III. Rejected Features

While we are very open to feature requests, there are a select few that get asked for commonly that we simply can not, or do not want to add. Please do not ask for them. They are listed below:

Mod: Referrals system.
Reason: This is pointless, unless I can think of a way to stop cheating, I don't want to add it.

Mod: Blogs
Reason: We will not be adding blogs as they don't fit within the scope of this service.

Q: Offer emails! or board emails such as with the forums
A: We don't have the proper systems to offer email, nor are we interested in starting an email service.

Mod: PHP or SQL query access
A: No. It's a security risk and we cannot ever enable it. You can download a database dump, however.


Thank you for reading, and happy requesting!


email: :: blog: John C.
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