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 Multi-Mod Tagging Option
I did some extensive research to see if this was an option implemented and I couldn't find any documentation or on the site itself, so I'm posting it here! Hopefully I'm not bothering anybody with things that already exist!

SO: I am finally using multi-mods for my acceptance/denial/pending/archiving processes and I ran into something I think could be really useful.


I'd love to be able to have a multi-mod give a generic message that alerts the original poster of the topic.

This would be most helpful when declining or archiving an inactive application on my site because we move them to an unfinished location so they don't clutter our currently pending applications and make it look like we don't do reviews--when in fact its the member that hasn't fixed anything to be reviewed again.

In my research I saw this was an option that was "to be" implemented but I couldn't find anything that said it was working. I tested out @OP and @StarterName just in case and did not work.

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