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 Sorting your Subscribed Topics?

So here I am again, with another really un-important quality of life suggestion because I'm terrible like that & have another stupid one like every couple months.

Anyways, I love the alert system & the ability to subscribe to threads means getting to my posts all in one place automatically is incredibly easy. It would almost be perfect...but for one thing; I post back to people in the order that I owe them chronologically.

Which means, right now, I have to scan the entire list (It's over 30 threads) to mentally sort them & almost always get a couple wrong which murders my OCD.

It's not some huge deal but I haven't seen anyone recommend this; Is it possible to have a sort by dropdown in your subscribed topics UCP page so you can sort them by name, date, etc?

It would be a huge time & frustration saver for me, & judging from the reaction I got on my site mentioning it, for a lot of other people, too!

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I would kill for this.

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I can't say for sure but this feels like a relatively simple thing to implement. I'll check into the code and find out sometime. We should be able to add sorting options for the same ones available now on the topic index. Thanks for the suggestion.

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