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 carbon copying addition
I was curious if it would be possible to implement an option for an account being carbon copied in a personal message to see the primary account that the personal message was sent to.

That is to say, if Person A were to send a personal message to Person B and carbon copy Person C, Person C would be informed that the message was also sent to Person B, but Person B would not be aware that Person C received the message also. If it's easier to implement vice versa, that also works just fine.

Also, if Person C would then receive a copy of any replies to the initial message by Person B, that would be incredible, although that seems much more difficult to integrate.

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I would honestly love this -

On my sites, we carbon copy every official notice we send to the other staff, and having this feature would be a great help for those of us (me) who forget to write in the subject who the initial PM was for.
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