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Jan 6 2018, 12:56 AM
the moderation option is missing. like on a thread at the bottom where it would usually have moderation options to delete a topic/etc - its gone. everything else (multi mods, jump section, etc), search feature, etc are all there
Jun 2 2017, 06:19 PM

Hey! So I've heard a little bit about https, the change, whatever. But I'm a little confused on what all of this means? Is there a post about this that I missed? Or can I get the low down? How will this effect coding, html, and photographs from appearing?

Poorly phrased question, but I'm just a little confused.
May 27 2017, 01:44 AM
getting old url [SOLVED]
hey! i know you've done this in the past so i just wanted to see if you could/would. this url doesn't really have anything on it. the only account registered last logged in back in 2006. so i was wondering if i could please have the url?
Feb 7 2017, 04:03 PM
deletion issue [SOLVED]
I'm 100% sure this is something simple that I'm missing but on this site here for some reason whenever I delete something it goes straight to the announcements board? I'd like it to like..not go there, I guess.
Dec 18 2016, 01:28 AM
hey! this really isn't a big deal tbh, but i thought it would be cool. it'd be interesting if there were drafts? just to save people from having to safe stuff otherwhere or putting a little "wip" thing.

just a thought!

side bar: all of the new features from the past year or so are rad ! thanks
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