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Oct 24 2017, 12:24 AM
Alright, so I am thoroughly perplexed - especially as I have successfully styled shoutboxes in the past and can't seem to remember how.

1.) I have attempted to change the styling of the Author on the Shoutbox via #iframe-shouts .shout1 b styling, and have attempted to change the colour of the text after the -- with span styling. However, the Shoutbox seems to be completely ignoring these CSS changes even with !important added. Is there some option I need to make certain is turned on?

2.) How do I get rid of the excess buttons I don't want - basically everything after the "SHOUT" button?

3.) Can I - and if so, how do I - get a placeholder text in the text box for the shoutbox?
Aug 3 2017, 08:02 PM
So, I managed to do this. Somehow. On an older version of my site's skin. Upon editing and moving to a new URL, I have somehow forgotten how I did so.

Is there a way to style or replace the + and - of the <!-- |rep_options| --> on the Post Row template? Ideally I would replace them with Fontawesome Icons like

<i class="fa fa-plus-circle" aria-hidden="true"></i>
Jul 31 2017, 12:42 AM
Earlier today, I had a new potential member attempting to register on site. They pointed out that they kept getting an error message after filling things out, and after much troubleshooting we realized that it was due to said member leaving fields blank when they were required - easy solution, we told them "Put something in there, even if it's N/A!" Done, success registering.

The issue, the member provided a screenshot of the registration form that had me investigating myself, and it was swiftly pointed out that the form does not mark these fields required in any form or fashion. They are marked required on the Custom Fields section. All of the fields in the screenshot below are required.

Is this a bug, and could it be fixed so that the fields are designated required to members?

Jul 22 2017, 01:33 AM
Hello again, folks.

This is a trickier bit of help I'm needing. I am implimenting a bit of script that essentially causes a div to marquee once the content in it has hit a certain width. I am copy-pasting this script from a JSFiddle, and I know nothing of Javascript to add in the edits that I need.

What I'm Needing: An addition to the below script to make 1.) Slow down just a touch on the marquee and 2.) Stop on hover.

Thank you!

<script>function isElementOverflowing(element) {
var overflowX = element.offsetWidth < element.scrollWidth,
 overflowY = element.offsetHeight < element.scrollHeight;

return (overflowX || overflowY);

function wrapContentsInMarquee(element) {
var marquee = document.createElement('marquee'),
  contents = element.innerText;
 marquee.innerText = contents;
 element.innerHTML = '';

var element = document.getElementById('overflow');

if (isElementOverflowing(element)) {
Jul 17 2017, 10:09 PM
If this has already been solved elsewhere, I apologize! I have a current issue with my custom BBCode and the "automagical" line breaks that Jcink seems to do.

For organization and code clarity, I was trying to post a template that basically does:
[test]More info[/test]

However, to get spacing to look right when the actual code is running, it has to be posted as:
[bbc1]Name[/bbc1][blah]Info[/blah][test]More info[/test]

... Which is fairly ugly.

I've tried editing the actual CSS to include set heights, margins, line-heights etc. However I can't get any of them to register, due to the automatic use of <br> that seems to be happening. Solutions?
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