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 Domain Name Issues [Resolved]
Very early this morning our domain name provider for's domain name servers stopped responding. This occurred at around 3:30AM without any warning whatsoever or update from them.

As a result of this, with no response, and due to bad performance with them in the past couple months after over 8 years I have transferred the domain name servers away from them.

What does this mean for you? Unfortunately, domain name server changes can take as short as 15 minutes - 1 hour, all the way up to 24 hours to resolve. You will see that will show that are up and alive, but the domain name's new address is being recognized by the rest of the internet.

This entire event has been an emergency move and was not an ideal situation at all, but we had to do something to restore service. If you cannot access please reach out to me on twitter; although it will be difficult for me to help I will try and at least note the inability to access.

Currently I am aware the resolution is poor because we have only made this change 1 hour ago. I am actively monitoring this and addressing anything I can.

We sincerely apologize for this and hope to make a full service recovery soon.


email: :: blog: John C.
Unfortunately we are looking at hours more time for recovery from this mess. It takes a long time for changes to really propagate.

DNSchecker is only showing our domain as available in 75% of the world and not even to all areas.

Furthermore our old domain dns provider is still offline with no information about what is going on.

The outage is very large and is affecting millions of people, so much that IT press has caught on to it:

I am monitoring everything as best as possible but have nothing new at this time. I made the change necessary to leave their services for one more reliable, so we will recover for sure.

email: :: blog: John C.
To recap what's happened so far: our domain provider of years on end,, suffered a serious outage that lead to our domain names being inaccessible. As a result of this, we switched services to GoDaddy Premium DNS which is a paid infrastructure.

Due to the way domain name servers function on the internet, this process can take as short as 1 hour for some, and up to 24 hours for others.

At present time, you may not be able to access or, or certain subdomains within them, but both domains are in fact "online" and hooked up to the new system. You can verify via and ... it will just take them time to propagate to everyone.

This being said, I cannot give individual ETAs when service will be restored for them, since I do not know the answer that. As an alternative, if you can't access the .com and .net site, there is which is on another provider. is how you would access it - although it won't be perfect. There is no need to change everything to this domain name, it is just available for your convenience and always has been.

We appreciate your patience during this frustrating time. This outage and the way it was handled by our domain provider was unprecedented and required drastic immediate action. I am hoping for a full service recovery as the hours tick by and DNS continues to propogate.

Please note that due to the domain issues, the email is not working. Should you need to send an email, would be the best for the moment.

Thank you for sticking with us during this difficult and frustrating event.

email: :: blog: John C.
Update #3:

DNS propagation is getting better by the hour as more and more internet service providers update their data for Unfortunately we're still just not quite there yet.

I would like to make a note that Google's public DNS server noticed the change, so if you are up for changing your computer's DNS to get access earlier if your ISP is still giving you problems, those directions are here (check our recent tweets):

I am expecting a full recovery at or around the 24 hour mark since all of this began. Lots of traffic is coming in so we know many have had service restored; but if you're still having problems don't worry. You can either change your DNS or simply wait for your ISP to update; either way you will see service restored again.

My email address at appears to be working again, and I'll be catching up on any emails that are stuck from the past 24 hours. If you sent me anything important, you may wish to resend it.

email: :: blog: John C.
Update #4:

We are seeing good global domain name server (dns) resolution this morning. While it is not fully recovered as I'd expected based on some reports of users still unable to access, were in the 95-99% range at this point regarding access.

If you still can't access at this point, it's likely due to your ISP enforcing a much longer wait time than 24 hours to check for domain name changes. There is unfortunately absolutely nothing I can do about this; at the very least they should purge it at the 48 hour mark or earlier.

To regain access quicker, you could try implementing OpenDNS or Google Public DNS on your computer. will show you how. Once you set it up, access should be instant because their DNS is up to date. You can also use an alternate domain name - - by going to

Unfortunately domain name moves are a huge waiting game, and this is not something we were looking forward to. It was forced upon us by the severe outage with zero communication for hours from our domain name provider (

We wish we'd have been able to better-plan this change to our domain names, and truly apologize for how inconvenient the past 24 hours has been. The circumstances, however, called for drastic measures, and there was going to be downtime regardless with any move/change due how to slow DNS updates for everyone around the world.

In the long run, us paying and moving to a premium for DNS provider makes the most sense at this point, which is what we have done. We will avoid eNom, NC, and incidents like this in the future by doing so.

We appreciate your patience and for sticking with us. If you need assistance with the Google DNS or OpenDNS options, reach out to on twitter or email


Additional information:

There seems to have been some confusion about some facts floating around, and this is to clear the air:

1. This was not a physical move of any of our servers hosting the board data. All of that is the same as it was. This is ONLY domain name related, which at the end of the day is largely out of our control compared to all other services.

2. This was not because of DDOS on our domain name on our server at all. What happened to eNom itself is unknown at the moment, and yet another reason we have left their service. Lots of hours of outage with no explanation or communication to customers is not acceptable.

3. and are not dead and you do not need to change your board URL. We provided an alternate domain name - - to access your boards with by going to; this is just a benefit we have always provided, but few have used it. In this case it served as an excellent domain name that was hosted elsewhere to help provide access to those affected for some time.

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email: :: blog: John C.
Update #5

We believe we have 99.9% DNS recovery. / should be available to you by this time, and all should be working again. At this point we consider the service to be operating normally again.

The above are all showing successful propagation around the world and have recognized the GoDaddy Premium DNS that we have purchased for the service.

If you are having problems accessing, first check and look up / .net - if it says it is up, then there is a problem on your end specifically with either general access, or continued DNS problems because of your internet service provider. Reach out to us on twitter or email and we'll try to figure out what's going on.

It has been a rough 48 hours because DNS simply doesn't update quickly. This was not our fault but just how the internet works, of course, it did not make it any less frustrating for our customers and we're still very sorry for the inconvenience caused. We cannot thank everyone enough for their patience. Going forward, the premium paid DNS option is the best for the service and we are glad to have made this change.


email: :: blog: John C.
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