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Jun 27 2017, 03:11 AM
I've been struggling with an issue with member group coloring. It shows up everywhere on board I need it to except the top bar where you'd normally log in above the avatar (the circle in the navbar).

Under the name it says 'welcome so and so' but defaults the name to the colors of all links on board, a typical a href thing which I've narrowed down to this code..

<div class="navleft">
<h1>Welcome, <a href="index.php?showuser=<!-- |id| -->"><!-- |name| -->!</a></h1>
<div class="m-<!-- |g_id| -->"><% SUBACCOUNTS %></div>

Is there something I can do to override this so it defaults to the default member group coloring for usernames across the board rather than link coloring? Thanks for any help.
May 29 2017, 04:51 AM
Currently helping with putting together a skin for a board I work on and I've run into an issue that's somewhat annoying and I've tried everything. I've managed to get the avatars working for member groups and so on. But - the guest posts default to a broken image. This is mostly a minor nuisance but one I've been working rather hard to fix! Is there any way to either make this image disappear when a guest posts, or perhaps make it default to something else? <- Seen here, the gif also has a similar issue. If anything I'd much prefer it be blank if that's all that can be done, of course! I'd considered a default avatar but found that this mini profile I'm utilizing uses the profile fields to fill it's images so now I'm left scratching my head trying to figure out where I need to tweak >.>

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