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Aug 7 2018, 05:14 PM
I'm attempting to list a user's friends in their profile as such:

<iframe src="/index.php?showuser=<!-- |id| -->&CODE=friends&skinid=6" name="friends" scrolling="auto" frameborder="no" align="center" height = "225px" width = "220px"></iframe>

However, it only seems to show the list of friends for the currently logged in user.

What's peculiar is that it doesn't seem to work if you take the 'show user' part out, but it also seems to be ignoring that parameter - any suggestions or ideas?
Aug 2 2018, 06:07 PM
I used a multi-mod to move a thread, and the word 'Moved' was injected before the link to the source topic that gets left behind.

Add to START of topic title? is blank in the multi-mod I used.

In 'System Settings' > Topics, Posts & Polls > under the header 'Settings' the setting "Topic prefix for MOVED topics" is blank.

I also checked my "Moved Topic" macro, and it doesn't reflect the Moved text that's there, so I'm not sure where that macro is actually used.

It seems like it's just the text Moved. Any ideas of other places to check?

If possible I'd love to remove it as it's not needed for my purposes - or, in a perfect world, it would use the macro - however if I could just style it that would suffice as well; there's no space between Moved and my thread title, so it sort of throws things off a bit.
Jul 24 2018, 11:42 PM
I was wondering if it were all possible that the system could generate BBcode nesting, in a way that should fit the current nesting requirements.

Here's what I'm thinking, because I think an example will illustrate it better. So if a BBCode was set up like this:

BBCode Name: spoiler
BBcode type: 1 Param Type

And so on, it could automatically know to wrap the HTML conversion, as such:

<!-- spoiler 1 Param Type start --> information that was submitted for the HTML conversion here <!-- spoiler 1 Param Type end -->

Basically by listing the name and the param type in the comments, and then differentiating them as start and end, the idea is that there won't be any conflicts with other custom BBcode.

I have no idea how difficult a feature like this would be to implement, so I apologize if it's prohibitively difficult, but I think it would benefit forum owners who have a hard time remembering to follow nesting requirements, and those who didn't think to check the documentation.
Jul 18 2018, 04:30 AM
I'm not quite sure this is a bug, but I am wondering - is there any way to alter the order that skins are listed when you edit a user in the ACP?


Everything was going great, then I made a new skin that positioned itself above our default skin on this selector. This skin is a hidden skin, and should not be accessible to members - but when I edit their information in the ACP it auto-selects the first skin in the drop-down. This has happened to both myself and another staff member when we stop in to quickly edit stuff - I just had this happened and thought I had completely broken my skin, somehow, for a moment (thank goodness it was just this, though) so I figured it was time for me to stop hoping it would fix itself and see what you folks think.

I like the behavior of the drop-down auto-selecting the first answer when there is none other selected, typically, but in my ACP it's causing a lot of confusing - is there someway I can just reorder the skins so the intended default skin gets selected, like some sort of naming practice or something like that?
Jul 14 2018, 10:47 PM
1. Is it possible to use &hl=something on a URL, and also use AND jump to a post like &#entry106 in the same URL? I tried and it didn't work, but I might just be parsing the URL wrong, so I figured I'd ask.

2. The highlight feature is not working with tags - is that on purpose, or is it possible I've simply done something weird in my coding that's causing it not to work? Like, if I disabled the @ at the beginning, would it work?
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Aug 14 2018, 07:04 PM

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Aug 12 2018, 06:36 PM

Thank you so much for your kind comment! I'm just seeing it now, but I'm so glad to know I've been a help.
Jul 7 2018, 08:11 PM
Just wanted to pop in here and say that you are an incredible part to the community here. Whenever I google a problem I'm having, I find a thread about it and you are usually offering up advice or alternatives to whatever the issue is, and you've helped me a time or two. Thank you for everything you do on the forums. It's sure appreciated. <3
Nov 3 2017, 09:49 PM
Hey there! I run both (which is a sort of speculative fiction-esque sci-fi site) and (which is based on the podcast o the same name). Both are linked in my signature. ^^ Sorry I took so long to notice this.
Jan 7 2015, 03:52 PM
Hi there! :) Just curious as to what your forum URL is and what it's about? ^_^
Jul 23 2014, 02:58 PM
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