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 Credits (or Points) issue
I just realized: I changed the amount of points in the "IB Store", but they're not adding up in my new board:

I have 5 points for new topics, 3 for new polls, and 2 for replies. I already have 4 posts on this board. After I changed the amount of points, I recounted them. After my next post I had 11 points which didn't add up so I recounted them again and ended up with 8 points.

I also just tried to give myself extra points and recounted, and went back down to 8 points. I have started 3 topics and replied to 1 post so I should have 17 points.

I have checked the Forums that have been posted and they are all set to accumulate points.

I also checked my other member's profile and she was supposed to have 5 points (for starting a new topic), but she has only 2.

I've checked everything I could think of, but wasn't able to find the issue. Can anyone shed light on this issue?

If it's a bug, feel free to move it to the appropriate Forum. If this issue cannot be resolved I'll just have all posts give the same amount of credits.

***EDIT*** I should probably bring up the fact that when I post, it does give me the correct amount of points, but it gets reset after I do a Recounter (back to 2 per post regardless if it's starting a topic or reply...)

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