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Feb 27 2018, 09:44 AM
Hey, we seem to have a sudden bug in our site, and I'm not sure if any other forums have it, but yeah... Anyway, so my mods report to me the following that I also checked myself;

- Started yesterday with user profiles out of nowhere.
> Avatar images breaking or the image urls directing something else, or mixing with other users
> User information mixing together with other members infos
> This could all be seen on the site itself
> Problem appears to be gone mostly now, but image url switches and breakings keep happening still

One of my co-admins noticed this also happened to notice it's also mixing the user information between users in the admin cp. Like I could search members, type in one of my accounts, and it has someone else's email other than mine and all the other user information that's not mine. Some of the accounts are correct, but it seems a lot of them aren't? I'm not entirely sure what's going on.

Also, the same co-admin points out to me that when she moves or locks threads the images within the thread break for her. (This I'm not entirely is related to the bug issue itself, as my other mod claims she can see the images just fine unlike the co-admin.)

We haven't tweaked the site code over a month so the code itself shouldn't be the issue. Not to mention when it's in the admin cp... It sounds like jcink issue to me?

You can find our forum from if you need to come around to poke it.

Thanks for your time and effort beforehand!
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