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Posted by: allifuls Nov 27 2017, 04:38 PM
Hey! So I've recently went through and cleared out all the old accounts and threads on a board. As usual for me, I recounted everything for the site. We had another admin join up and her account didn't add to the total member count. Every account since then has added to it, but that one.

I've tried to recount to see if that's the issue but it's still showing 9 when we have 10 registered.

Posted by: John Nov 27 2017, 08:56 PM
Somehow, not sure how, the guest user, or user number "zero" was deleted. Please do a recount now of member stats and it should correct itself.

Posted by: allifuls Nov 28 2017, 11:55 AM
Weird. That fixed it! Thanks so much!!

Posted by: John Nov 29 2017, 08:51 AM
[ This bug has been fixed! ]

Thank you for reporting it to us.

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