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Posted by: sidsidsid Oct 13 2016, 03:58 PM
page: "<!-- |input_act| -->",
html: "<center><div id='forums'> <table><td><div class='forumtitle'> {%link} </div> <div class='rvcfscount'><b>{%topics}</b> THREADS <b>{%replies}</b> REPLIES</div> </td> <td> <div class='cfspicspot'><div class='rvcfspic'></div></div></td>  <td><div class='description'><div class='rvcfsdesc'> {%description} </div></div></td> <td>  <div class='lastpost'><div class='lpinfo'><div class='lptitle'>{%lp-title}</div> <BR> BY {%lp-author} - {%lp-date}.</div></div></td> </table> </div></center>"

I tried to migrate black's cfs to the "Custom Forum Row" in HTML Templates, but something went wrong.

It is fine in the beginning, but as it gets to the "redirected link" forum, it completely breaks.

Moreover, I feel like I have a coding question every day because I am teaching myself how to code, so I am wondering if there was a quicker way to have a conversation with someone who is willing to help out and answer my 2093 questions a day?

Posted by: owl Oct 13 2016, 04:29 PM
So the redirect link is actually it's own template - did you catch that, or do you need more information about it?

In terms of getting someone to answer your questions personally, the idea of teaching oneself how to code is pretty vague, so here's my advice:

1. Post here when you have questions that are Jcink-specific, and people are generally pretty helpful. Personally, I've found I've learned a lot trying to help people when possible. With coding there are usually a hundred ways to solve the same problem, which is cool; but there's also a million ways to break the same thing. Sometimes helping someone solve a problem you never would have created for yourself actually teaches you a method you may have never discovered.

2. Google! Particularly if it's a coding issue, and the issue isn't Jcink related (and sometimes even if it is) someone out there on the wide internet has likely had that issue, and someone else has probably come up with a brilliant solution to it. I mean, use whatever search engine works for you, but search - a lot of your answers are going to come from a place like, and you can ask questions there too.

3. "Coding" is an employable skill, so if you're looking to get trained there are services like (with free trials, etc.) that will help you learn. Also, if you search around you can usually find straight-up free resources to learn.

Posted by: sidsidsid Oct 13 2016, 05:50 PM
Thank you for the tips, Owl! <3

And no, I'm not sure what template is used for the redirect link. How do I fix this problem?

Posted by: John Oct 13 2016, 06:37 PM
Redirect Row template.

Posted by: owl Oct 13 2016, 06:50 PM
Yep! Log into your Admin CP, and then click: > Skins & Templates (in the left-hand sidebar) > HTML Templates (under the previous step) > "Edit" to the right of the skin you're working on > Redirect Row

I'll include a screenshot so you know you got the right one + a tip: if you click the area I've indicated on the screenshot it will take you to all the variables you can use in that template. You might have already noticed, but it's a handy shortcut so I figured I'd make a note of it just in case.

Posted by: sidsidsid Oct 14 2016, 09:18 AM
Unfortunately, doing this broke my skin even more! =(

To rephrase my other question, I do not think I need coding help as much I do CFS, jcink-specific help. Is this "Support Forum" the quickest way to get "tutored" so to speak on all things CFS?

EDIT: even after taking out the redirected forum, making it normal, my skin is still broken.

Posted by: owl Oct 14 2016, 02:31 PM
This forum doesn't support CFS because it's a third party script; generally speaking the advice is to convert to Jcink HTML templates and then people will try to help from there, because it rules out the chance of any CFS bugs.

Edit: That being said, it looks like you have a stray </div> somewhere in your code because the issue is that your wrapper is being closed too early.

Posted by: John Oct 15 2016, 10:20 AM
QUOTE (owl @ Oct 14 2016, 03:31 PM)
Edit: That being said, it looks like you have a stray </div> somewhere in your code because the issue is that your wrapper is being closed too early.

That is definitely the problem.

OP, please post your current HTML Template for the forum rows.

Posted by: sidsidsid Nov 8 2016, 10:07 AM
<center><div id='forums'> <table><td><div class='forumtitle'> {%link} </div> <div class='topicscount'><b>{%topics}</b> THREADS <b>{%replies}</b> REPLIES</div> </td> <td> <div class='cfspicspot'><div class='rvcfspic'></div></div></td>  <td><div class='description'><div class='desctext'> {%description} </div></div></td> <td>  <div class='lastpost'><div class='lastpostinfo'><div class='lptitle'>{%lp-title}</div> <BR> BY {%lp-author} - {%lp-date}.</div></div></td> </table> </div></center>

Posted by: John Nov 9 2016, 09:52 PM
Looks okay there. I reformatted it into this which should be more readable:


  <div id='forums'>
           <div class='forumtitle'> {%link} </div>
           <div class='topicscount'><b>{%topics}</b> THREADS <b>{%replies}</b> REPLIES</div>
           <div class='cfspicspot'>
              <div class='rvcfspic'></div>
           <div class='description'>
              <div class='desctext'> {%description} </div>
           <div class='lastpost'>
              <div class='lastpostinfo'>
                 <div class='lptitle'>{%lp-title}</div>
                 <BR> BY {%lp-author} - {%lp-date}.

I can't see anything wrong with this bit.

Now let's see your wrapper.

Posted by: sidsidsid Nov 9 2016, 10:01 PM
thank you so much for breaking it down. unfortunately it is still broken.

somehow this board is 100% normal on black's cfs, but after migrating, it's broken. and yes, I also added in "redirect row" and removed black's cfs from my wrappers.

Posted by: John Nov 9 2016, 10:03 PM
I need to see the contents of your "Board Wrappers" -- board link is good, but in this instance I have to ask for the wrappers.

Actually, scratch that. I just viewed source and I am pretty sure I may know what your problem is.

You need to complete an additional step with respect to the migration.

You cfs version is 1.5.x, so copy the code provided there into the category header template.

Posted by: John Nov 13 2016, 11:39 AM
sidsidsid did you get this resolved or are you still having trouble?

Posted by: sidsidsid Nov 15 2016, 01:02 PM

thank you for asking!! this worked!! my forums are no longer all over the place, you're amazing.

I would greatly appreciate further help

Posted by: John Nov 15 2016, 06:13 PM
This topic has been solved. If you need anymore help please post a new thread. Thanks for choosing Jcink services.

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