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 Reputation System
This really isn't support so I'll post here.

I've decided to try the Reputation System and made a weird discovery.

When you change any setting and click "Submit Changes" you get the same option twice...only "Paraphrased".

One option is: "Go to: Administration CP Home" and the other is: "Go to: Administration Home".

Not really anything to worry about but it's just strange. They both take you to the ACP Home page (with everything collapsed" while as far as I know everywhere else will give you the option to" Go to: Administration Home" or the settings you are currently changing (example if changing group settings, you can either: "Go to: Group Control" or "Go to: Administration Home".

I find it funny that while changing Rep. Settings, you don't get the choice to "Go to: Reputation Set-up". This one really isn't a big deal though just because it's near the top.

Anyway, just felt like bringing that up.
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