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 Paragraph spaces in custom fields housed in <scipt>
I've encountered a problem. I have a feeling it's just how things are, but I thought I would check first.

I'm making custom profiles for a site. I'm using <script> to give IC and OOC accounts a different profile. It all works great until someone actually fills it out. If they put line spaces in the profile fields (which they really need to) the paragraphs break it and nothing displays. You can't use html tags within the custom fields to make paragraphs, so that's out.

So is there anything I can put in my script to stop the line breaks within the custom profile field from breaking it? Or so I need a separate field per paragraph to simulate the spaces?
Depends how the script was written. Please provide a link to your board, or alternatively the script itself.
QUOTE (Alternate.Pseudonym @ Nov 8 2016, 03:30 PM)
You can't use html tags within the custom fields to make paragraphs, so that's out.

You can if HTML is enabled.

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