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 post row content alignment?
Working on another skin, I find fiddling with code relaxing - when it works

Right now though, I cannot figure out the alignment of the posts.

As you can see here, the post content is aligned right. I have added center, left and justify to the css for the html template but none of them moved the text. I then tried adding styling to the actual html template, again this failed to work.

The only content I have that is aligned 'right' are the post buttons which are closed with a closing div, so what's causing the text to be pushed so far right?

Padding and Margins look ok to me, but I could be missing something.

Another thing, the signature strip - there's a huge gap under the post before we see the image there... it was originally html styled, with transitions which was throwing out the 2nd post reply, it broke the mini profile too so i had to remove it and now the only thing in the signature there is bbcode.

Any help appreciated.
First issue is a result of the float:left; on the miniprofile. It looks like you wanted to take the profile out of the flow, but that's not really how floats should be used (which is also causing issue, as you can see, with the posts appearing completely misaligned). Keep in mind, also, that text-align aligns the text flow relative to its node.

Nothing sticks out to me as a signature on that page, so I can't help you there :/

This post has been edited by Dusty: Dec 6 2017, 01:18 PM
All fixed, I think. Thanks Dusty.
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