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 Zetaboards to Jcink
I'm sorry about that, that sounds maddeningly frustrating!

Kindly do not contact me on Discord or PM me for support.

user posted image
Yeah, it really is.
The ZB forum community have been discussing this heavily on the support forum and various ZB forums about news and updates.

Everyone's kinda settled into three boats.
1. I'm going to stick around and follow through to Tapatalk. (Very few.)
2. I'm going to immediately move to another host. (Some.)
3. I'm going to look into other forum hosts/software and set up backups and try to archive what I can there and wait and see what unfolds. (Many.)
Most of us are looking into Jcink and Icy at the moment and I'm personally leaning towards Jcink.

What's really frustrating too is that ZB's Brandon is silent. He's signed on once on both the ZB and TT support forum but no comment after nine days.
We got fed up and put a thread on the TT support forum and got three-ish responses but took two days to get the first and we're twoish days since the last one.
Most of the answers to the questions are "no we don't have it" and "I don't know" and "we'll put it into feedback".

This post has been edited by Gaomon274: May 17 2018, 12:29 AM
Hey there, i see some familiars from Zeta support. I went to Icy but now looking more and more into Jcink i am thinking again, i have a jcink board i have had for awhile, but it is annoying that Zeta won't let us have the data, i could just transfer everything over, instead of asking my members to start again for the third time.
QUOTE (spike @ May 16 2018, 04:00 PM)
Hi John, is it still a legal issue even if it doesn't actually forbid this in the ZB terms of service? Forgive us, we're all just scrambling to try and find out how to get our board content over to Jcink and we're just getting ignored frankly when asking for the databases

Even though not expressly forbidden by Terms of Service "don't use a crawler" the very use of such a tool to "crawl" a server and harvest data that you aren't authorized to data mine is a very legally-questionable problem. It may be "your board" but it's also "their board" too and they haven't consented to the craw and mining of said data.

QUOTE (Gaomon274 @ May 17 2018, 12:39 AM)
ZB servers 7/11/15 and I believe 4 are currently down at the moment and Tapatalk had an outage yesterday so figure this'll be a good time to ask:
Does Jcink have outages often?
Is there anyway to check the server status in the event of one?
ZB/IF had an unsupported (and I believe) third-party site that would report the server status. is our own official page and it is hosted by

you can find history of outages on our twitter account at

email: :: blog: John C.
I can see why it might be an issue. They own the forum and the server, we own the content. Fear not we'll keep pressing for the databases
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