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Aug 8 2017, 04:18 PM
hi! so for the past couple of weeks, my site (here) has been regularly, and randomly, crashing. for me, i get google chrome's "aw snap" error, but i've recently been getting this error too. usually i would assume that it's just me, and a problem with chrome, but i've done what chrome recommends and the problem persists. i've also asked around and quite a few of our members are having the same problem, which has led me to believe that something on the site itself is causing the crashes. however, i'm not sure what the problem is, and i've asked one of my admins to debug the site and they can't find anything, so i was hoping someone could point us in a direction that will help fix the problem ;__;

i've been informed by one of my members it's not just my site that crashes. there are some others, but it's not every site, so... basically, i'm at a complete loss!

thanks in advance!

EDIT: i should mention that we've had this skin since march or april, and the site worked fine up until a couple of weeks ago.
May 12 2016, 11:52 PM
inactive url? [SOLVED]
hey SO. i'm about to make a forum, and the url that i really want has already been claimed unfortunately :c the url is it's completely empty with no skin, and the last time someone logged in was in 2012, so i was wondering if it would be possible for me to claim it?

thanks in advance!
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