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Sep 23 2017, 12:45 AM
We've coded color variables into our site so that when you change membergroups, accent colors change, but we're having trouble with subforum link hovers! As you can see on the site HERE, when you hover over links like "A Test Forum" or the smaller announcement/rules links to the right, they turn red, which is an effect that we'd like to keep, but we can't seem to get the variable to apply to them--even when we change membergroups and all the other accents change, the links still hover red.

The portion of the CSS that applies to the forum descriptions are the idx classes under CUSTOM CFS FORUM, but those classes apply to the forum descriptions that were specifically coded for that, which are pasted into Forum Control directly into the individual forum descriptions and look like this:

<div class='descleft'>
welcome to <b>sedition!</b> our plot, rules, site information, and announcements can all be found in here!</div><div class="idx-linkscont <!-- |g_title| -->"><div class="idx-blink <!-- |g_title| -->"><a href="">ANNOUNCEMENTS</a></div> <div class="idx-blink <!-- |g_title| -->"><a href="">RULES</a></div> <div class="idx-blink <!-- |g_title| -->"><a href="">PLOT</a></div> <div class="idx-blink <!-- |g_title| -->"><a href="">SITE POINTS</a></div><div class="idx-blink <!-- |g_title| -->"><a href="">MEMBER GROUPS</a></div> <div class="idx-blink <!-- |g_title| -->"><a href="">SITE PHILOSOPHY</a></div> <div class="idx-blink <!-- |g_title| -->"><a href="">TEMPLATES</a></div> <div class="idx-blink <!-- |g_title| -->"><a href=""> FAQ </a></div></div>

As you can see, the forum decriptions are not responding to the g_title command the way that everything else seems to be, and we're not sure why. Is that something that we just can't apply to forum descriptions in that way at all, or is there something we're missing?

Semi-related, we'd also like to be able to apply that variable to the "last post" and member names in our FORUM VIEW, and we haven't been able to make that work either. Help?
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