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Dec 5 2017, 03:42 AM
Okay I've been fighting this thing for hours.
I'm trying to create a custom navigation bar for my RPG's forum. I was trying to switch the "Jump Chara." Link/button to an image when I noticed that everytime I even clicked the dropdown menu it would ALWAYS kick me back to the control panel for whatever account I was on and wouldn't let me select my secondary profile even just to test. This is repeatedly occurring too. I even stripped the coding down multiple times and it is still behaving abnormally. (View attached image)

Here is the current code

<span id='sub_bar_2' style="display:none;"><% SUBACCOUNTS %></span><span id='subacct_link_2'><a href='javascript:void(0);'  onclick="document.getElementById('subacct_link_2').innerHTML=document.getElementById('sub_bar_2').innerHTML;">Jump Chara.</a></span>

Has anyone else experienced this same issue? And if so what was your solution? I'm absolutely stumped on this and can't move forward thanks to my incessant need to complete a certain section completely before moving to the next.

I have not gotten very far with skinning this forum so it's still a bit of a mess in the actual board designing so I'm a little reserved about sharing the actual board but if it's absolutely necessary I'll provide it.
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