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Jul 3 2018, 04:42 PM
so something has gone terribly wrong in the board stats and two of the items are putting a large margin on the right hand side and stretching the board so that a scroll bar appears.

i've tried removing all the margins and adjusting the colspan and such in the table to see if thats the issue but nothing i'm doing seems to help and i can't figure out where the margins are coming from.

the issues seem to lay with the .newcitizenbox and the .onlinetodaybox, both on the right hand side of the boardstats.

i'd like to avoid having to redo it from scratch so any advice would be welcome!

also i do not want to just not display a scroll bar, many members (much to my chagrin) don't use the board on full screen so they need to be able to scroll horizontally.
Jul 1 2018, 11:04 PM
I did a quick search and didn't see anything but I'm also on my phone so apologies if i have missed something.

Basically I'm wondering if theres anyway to set the editable css in the acp as the bottom of the cascade - sort of the almighty css if you will - when your using multiple css files.

Using an example i've recently created a new skin that uses the forum id numbers to set images and all of that info is in a separate css, but it'd be super helpful to be able to add or override those additional css sheets through the one in the acp to add in a single new image or update something without having to go through the whole process of bringing it up in notepad, making changes, saving it, uploading it and updating the file link in the wrappers.

I have no idea if this is possible but it would be super helpful to me making quick changes so that I can get multiple things figured out/fixed without having to keep reloading new .css files
Jun 28 2018, 12:51 PM
i'm apparently just super needy atm cause i have another questions already. i've noticed on the new skin that if someone has put even a single uppercase letter into the coding that it doesn't accept it, but it's fine on the current skin. i'm not sure whats changed between the two skins.

i had noticed on my phone (also running chrome) in mobile view on the current skin it also doesn't like the capital letters. you can see it *here* on one of our claims. the first listed name - carter rivers - should be a red colour but instead is just the default link colour.

is this something i've done? is it a browser issue? or jcink? i don't mind going through and fixing the codes for people on the current thigns but it's got the potential to break a lot of other stuff because we've kind of trained our members to know what to touch in the codes based on whats in uppercase when they get it (oops).
Jun 27 2018, 03:12 PM
so i'm sure i'm overlooking an easier way to do this but i'm trying to include a discrete birthday hover for my site and i wanted to just stick it in the title attribute because i'm lazy and i've already spent too much time on this skin and i just want it to be over but the <!-- |birthdays_list| --> variable has all the html coding that comes along with it giving a link to the user and their age bolded.

i've googled around for options that let you have html in tooltips and such but my brain cannot comprehend at this point, i've played with javascript minimally and most of it has been just copy and pasting premade codes in as i need them but the javascript on this stuff is waaaay over my head.

i've also looked into a pop it menu but it won't load the variable from the wrappers

is there an easier option that i'm missing? i'm sure i'll kick myself at how obvious it is but my brain is fried.

would there be any way to get the <!-- |birthdays_list| --> variable html free?
Jun 17 2018, 07:56 PM
so for some reason .unreg won't pick up on my site. when i do inspect element it literally just has <span class>guest name</span> and i'm not sure what's happened or where thigns are messed up because it worked originally and we've been using the same mini template since we opened (though it did technically stop working last year when my co-admin frankencoded a new skin for us around the original one so i was sure it was her fault but i started from scratch on this one and just copied the mini stuff over from the original skin and still nothing. removing the mini coding also doesn't change anythign either.

you can see the problem [redacted]

i will say if you're viewing source i have run out of room in the css so some of it is cut off but once we settle on some colours i'll be moving some of it over to a seperate css file of things we won't need to touch on the regular.

there isn't anywhere in the mini coding to specify where the guest name goes so i'm not sure whats needed coding wise but i'll share whatever people think will help
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