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Jun 26 2018, 11:35 PM
I'm moving my community over to jcink soon; we are a persistent world for an old multiplayer RPG. Our current forum host has a feature that is EXTREMELY convenient for us that may have widespread appeal; couldn't hurt to request it, right? Please pardon me if something like this exists already and I've missed it!

Essentially, a yes/no setting that sets a specific forum to only allow topics to be viewed by the user that posts it, unless they are a moderator of that forum or global moderator, in which case they can see all posts. We make use of this as a request board / 'chat with the staff' board; regular users can privately discuss requests with forum staff without seeing topics posted by other users. This also lets us organize like any other forum, closing requests that are complete, pinning long term requests, et cetra.

If this isn't possible or reasonable, we'll find another way, but I figured I'd ask! Thanks for reading!
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