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 'forum-new-post' not working in subforums - custom html templates
I'm coding a skin for a friend of mine and we are using the HTML templates. The way we are doing the macros is using the class-new-post string on the end of our description images so it would appear as either 'long-forum-image-' or 'long-forum-image-forum-new-post'. This works just fine in the two different styles on the mainboard; however, it does not work in the subforums. Even though there was a new post in the subforum, the class did not appear in there (I inspected the element to be sure).

Does the class string not work for the subforums or are we approaching it the wrong way?

Here's a link to the forum:
It looks like this class does not work in subforums. Sorry about that. We will have to fix it so it does, so I will push this to bug reports.

email: :: blog: John C.
Thank you (:
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