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I've seen this brought up in a couple threads but never actually addressed from what I can find.

The IB Store, and the number of points you get is based on the number of posts you have. For a roleplay site, which is focused on the writing, I feel there is something lacking in this idea.

There is a way that you can decide if a post gets points or not, based on a minimum word count, which I suppose is good for setting a minimum level of quality you desire as a site from a post, but what about those who think the direct effort should be rewarded? If you write 100 words in a post, that post gives you 10 points. If you write 67 words, it gives you 6.7 or some such ideal from there. If the system can't use decimals then merely have it round perhaps? Or have a 1 word with 1 point ratio?

Would this be difficult to implement?
It sounds like it would be only moderately difficult to implement. Thank you for the suggestion. We can definitely consider this one for the future.

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Not a problem. I ask because I am helping develop a system on the IBstore similar to the army system you once had in general idea alone since I can no longer find how that worked, and we want to reward /effort/ not post count. So here is hoping for the near future and not the distant future ^.^
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