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Posted by: Quillnparchement Jun 11 2018, 08:52 PM

I have figured out how to change my font colors by id where needed for my links. What I am now stumped on is how to set up an id specifically for the text found inside forums within the "wrapmini" area.

Basically, the text that states Open Topic, Hot Topic, etc. I need these to be in a light color (clearly).

Thanks for the help!

Posted by: Cory Jun 11 2018, 09:03 PM

Perhaps that selector will be specific enough for the forum area only, if not you might need to use jQuery.

Posted by: Quillnparchement Jun 11 2018, 09:31 PM
Thanks! That solved my issue.

Posted by: John Jun 13 2018, 07:34 AM
This topic has been solved. If you need anymore help please post a new thread. Thanks for choosing Jcink services.

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