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Jan 3 2017, 12:25 PM
Good Morning,

Could the URL be freed up for additional use? The root administrator last logged on Sep 30 2013, 04:54 PM, so I believe it is dead at this time.

Thank you in advanced!
Oct 19 2016, 12:53 AM
Good Evening Everyone,

I have a member who is unable to register or make any posts on this board. We have tried a multitude of items to remedy the situation with no solution (see below), but found that nothing has worked. This investigation has led me to believe that the IP address has been marked as spam. I went into ACP > Users and Groups > Ban Control and found no blocked IP addresses. I then went into ACP > System Settings > Security & Privacy and set "Disable anti-spam checker on new member registrations?" to "Yes". The member was still unable to do any of the listed activities. I am unsure of what to do at this point given that I cannot unblock their IP address. The IP address of this member is and most likely tied to a large university server.

It should be noted that the account "Kate" was created by myself, so the IP address does not correlate with the given one. It was created with an e-mail provided by the member in question.

1. Upon registering under the name "Kate", the member received a confirmation message on their screen and the logged in name said "Kate"; however, no "Kate" appeared under the currently online, online today, or newest member list.

2. While logged in as "Kate", the member sent the root admin account a message which was never received.

3. The member logged out of "Kate" and tried to log back in, but the error message displayed that the account did not exist. Upon looking into the ACP, I also found that the account did not exist anywhere (validating or otherwise).

4. I, the root admin, created a "Kate" account and gave the password to this member. They attempted to login and were successful.

5. The member, now logged in as "Kate" attempted to post a new thread. This appeared on their screen, but was unable to be located on the board by checking the Recent Posts or Posts by this Member.

6. The member, now logged in as "Kate" attempted to post a reply in a pre-existing thread. This appeared on their screen, but was uanble to be located by the board by checking the thread in question, Recent Posts, or Posts by this Member.

7. I, the root admin, logged back into "Kate" and attempted to post a new thread. I was successful.
Sep 13 2016, 01:59 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone,

I apologize to bother you all again, but I was wondering if there was anyway to remove the "Search This Forum" and "Search This Post" feature. I have no use for it and simply wish to hide it from my skin. Thank you!
Sep 11 2016, 06:17 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone,

I seem to have found another issue with the HTML Templates that is most likely an error on my part, but I am unable to figure it out. Essentially, when I have multiple topics within a forum and pin one, the "Important Topics" and "Forum Topics" headers that are supposed to appear do not do so in the correct spot. Instead they appear below all of the topics and do not organize them properly. I have attached an image of what is happening with the hopes that it is a quick fix! The first topic labelled "Services" is pinned while the rest are not, so I am not sure why they are bunched together and the headers are at the bottom.

Sep 9 2016, 02:05 AM
Good Evening Everyone,

I am currently using the new HTML Templates section in the ACP to design a mini profile for my board and have found that I cannot use the script which previously allowed for the implementation of multiple mini profiles - AKA a mini profile for the guests and for registered members. Since this is a new means of creating the mini profile, I was wondering if there was a new code I should use? I have included a variation of the code which I am referring to below.

I would appreciate any help. Thank you in advanced!

<script>if (parseInt(<!-- |g_id| --!>)) {document.write(the HTML for the mini-profile);}else { document.write(the HTML for the guest mini-profiles);}</script>
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