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Aug 2 2018, 09:22 AM
Okay, so for my Survivor franchise "test board," I want to have an idea of what I'm doing before I bring in my friends (aka "guinea pigs") to role-play and test out this board (essentially, this will be a dry-run "sample season" prior to my "real" season of Survivor: Egypt, which I want to begin in January). I need some guidance as to what the process is when I'll need to be switching over people's individual permissions, mid-game...and how I can confirm that I'm setting those permissions correctly.

Here are the following avatars that will be used for this game:

Eichy (me, the forum administrator)

Mayor (me again, the chief moderator)

Gunther (one of my friends who will be helping me to co-moderate)

Marcel (another of my friends who will be helping me to co-moderate)


















So here's how I want to initially set the permissions:

1.) I ("Eichy" and "Mayor") want to have full access to the entire board at all times.
2.) I want my co-moderators ("Gunther" and "Marcel") to have access to everything EXCEPT FOR changing players' permissions.
3.) I want the rest of the sixteen contestants to be able to view "Welcome to the Coffehouse," "Game Intro," "Loft Mail," "Monica & Rachel's Apartment," "Chandler & Joey's Apartment," and "The Caffeine Catapult").
4.) I want to hide the "CAST REVEAL" section from public view until the very end of the game
5.) There will be a point early-on in the game where I allow the players to select team captains and then divide themselves into two tribes of 8 members each. Once everyone is assigned a tribe, I want to know how to give the 8 "Huggsy Tribe" members access to view and post on their exclusive/private section, and likewise give the 8 "Monana Tribe" members access to view and post on their exclusive/private section.
6.) Midway through the game, the tribes will merge. At that point, I'll need to know how to give the remaining players access to the "Kiwi Tribe" section.
7.) I want "The Heckles Chamber" to be accessible only to the moderators until each of the first seven contestants are voted out. Each time a new contestant is voted out, I need to know how to shut off their PM permanently, and how to disable their posting access on any of the public forum sections (EXCEPT FOR "The Heckles Chamber", which is the only section I want them to be able to post in). I don't want any of the still-active players to be able to view what's going on in "The Heckles Chamber" (obviously, myself and my moderators would still have full access).
8.) Starting with the eighth person voted out, all contestants from that point forward will become members of the jury. How do I give those seven contestants exclusive access to "The Jury House" (along with us moderators, of course)? Yes, I want to keep members of "The Heckles Chamber" and "The Jury House" isolated from each other, so that neither is able to view nor post in the other's section.
9.) I want to make sure that only each individual contestant has access to his/her own private confessional (e.g. "Carol's Confessional," "Chandler's Confessional," etc.) Obviously, moderators will still be able to view/post in every contestants private confessional. Once the "game" ends and a "winner" is crowned, I will need to know how to open up EVERYONE'S private confessionals for public viewing/posting.

However you guys can systemically help me make sense of these steps would be much appreciated. That's why I enumerated each of hopefully make things easier on you as you instruct/advise me.
Jul 14 2018, 10:07 PM
Can someone point me to some sort of rudimentary beginner's tutorial for understanding the Jcink skins?

Because I have no clue what a "skin" technically is...much less how I can utilize and modify them on my board. Or what I have to do to customize them, once I am able to grasp the basics of it.

Needless to say, "the four-step process" means nothing to me, at this point.

Every search I do on YouTube for some kind of tutorial usually refers to "Minecraft" -- which I do not use, nor do I have any knowledge of it.
Jul 4 2018, 03:18 PM
Okay, here's the initial "shell" for my test-board...which I will have friends of mine testing out for me, beginning in October. This will enable you to get a general idea of how this "dry run ORG" of mine will look:

The next several months will be me learning how to gradually change permissions (in preparation for my "dry run" game). Along with sweetening the board itself to make it look all pretty and presentable. But let's start with the first logical step...

I need to set up / pre-register (whatever you want to call it) nineteen distinct Profiles/Accounts. These will be for each of my sixteen "contestants," plus one for myself, and one for both of my co-moderators.

I already have resized avatars selected for each "character" in the game. So what do I do first?

Is there a central location on the Administrative Panel where I should upload each character's corresponding avatar pic? But I'd imagine I'll need to set up each of these 19 accounts/profiles what is the process for me doing that?

(Please feel free to ask further questions / clarifications if it's not clear what I'm going for here, or what I'm trying to accomplish)

thanks guys!
-- Eichy
Jul 2 2018, 10:04 PM
So for my ORG that I will be officially launching in January, I currently have a "production team" working on designing my avatars and skins. In the meantime...

I want to run a "test game" for a few weeks beginning in September or October. When I first registered with Jcink, I thought I recall reading that a member can run a maximum of five boards at once?

Here is my current board (obviously it's severely "underdecorated," as of the date of this post, since most of my imagery isn't ready yet) --

If I want to start a second board to function as my "dry run" / guinea pig-style forum (before my actual Survivor: Egypt game "goes live," in January), what would I do? If I go to the sign-up page for "first-timers," it seems to suggest that I would be registering for the first time:

So how do I create a second board (for the purposes of testing) to administer, under my same/existing username (Eichy)...???
Jun 24 2018, 03:07 PM
If I have some select Categories or Forums that I'd want to be accessible for viewing to the general public (or at least to all registered users), how would I change my permissions to stipulate that for those specific categories and forums?
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