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Jan 3 2017, 08:26 PM

So here I am again, with another really un-important quality of life suggestion because I'm terrible like that & have another stupid one like every couple months.

Anyways, I love the alert system & the ability to subscribe to threads means getting to my posts all in one place automatically is incredibly easy. It would almost be perfect...but for one thing; I post back to people in the order that I owe them chronologically.

Which means, right now, I have to scan the entire list (It's over 30 threads) to mentally sort them & almost always get a couple wrong which murders my OCD.

It's not some huge deal but I haven't seen anyone recommend this; Is it possible to have a sort by dropdown in your subscribed topics UCP page so you can sort them by name, date, etc?

It would be a huge time & frustration saver for me, & judging from the reaction I got on my site mentioning it, for a lot of other people, too!
Sep 28 2016, 02:19 AM
I'm so needy >.< it feels like the more competent I become with code the more I break it.


I've managed to hide an image in my profile layout when the img tag is empty.

Which is GREAT.

However, I noticed that when it's not present, this weird outline is. -__- Totally defeats the purpose of hiding the image, don't it?

Is there any way to get rid of this, or is my neato coding to erase the image if there's no URL inside all wasted?
Sep 26 2016, 02:18 PM
I'm not sure this is possible, but I could SWEAR I'd seen it done???

I'm trying to create custom userlinks, & have been somewhat successful on my skin so far, I like the LOOK of them. The only issue is, I can't seem to make the user subaccount drop down appear from a specific icon. Currently, it looks like this;

But see, I'd prefer the drop down come from the avatar itself. So you click your image, & Boom, the drop down slides down from beneath the avatar.

I've seen the code to make the drop down appear where custom text is, but the thing is...that doesn't help me? It just replaces the text with the drop down, so you have to click twice to change accounts? Is there a way to replace the actual drop down activator with an icon or picture, rather than click on it to make the drop down appear so you have to click again??

Did any of that even make sense?
Apr 19 2016, 12:15 AM
As someone who uses multimods to approve characters on an RP board, I've found them to be huge effort and time savers but for one thing; I always use a staff account to post official things, as do all of my staff members. We like to present a uniform face, keep things neat, and show members where to go for help.

But what we've discovered is while we can dictate a message to be posted to a topic when a multimod is used, it will only be posted by the account activating the multimod. This means we have to change the author, finding the topic wherever it's been moved to do so.

So what I'm wondering is, would it be possible to not only dictate via multimod that a post be added to a topic, but to also determine what account posts that topic?
Feb 13 2016, 12:07 PM
Cripes, I feel so needy, ugh.

I was just posting, talking to a friend about a script I'd used a while ago to add an automatic word counter to just beneath the post form box, when she basically went "Why are you using another length checker? There's one built in, isn't there?" to which I went "THERE IS?" and I was incredibly excited til I only counts characters?

I'm not sure how much work this would really be, if it's a great deal, feel free to ignore me utterly, but is there any way to have the default Check Post Length function show words instead of/as well as characters?

I know for most people it's likely not important, but for any board with a word count, or even folks like me who just like to make sure my post isn't massive, this would be incredibly helpful.
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