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May 15 2017, 03:58 PM

Post Drafting:

This script appends post drafting options to the posting form for new topics and new posts (no polls yet, because I forgot they exit until literally just now), and can save, load, and organize drafts from the UCP notepad - topic drafts will show up when you're creating a new topic, and post drafts will show up when you're creating a new post. It does not yet feature auto-saving, so it's probably more a novelty than not, buuuut that can come in the future if it's needed.

The only usage concern is that, in order to have full topic draft functionality (inserting title/description as well as the body), you'll need to disable the file attachment system.

As for the notepad itself, it should preserve any non-draft content, so you needn't worry about purging member notepads. Lemme know if you have any trouble!

JQuery drafting (GitHub)
May 11 2017, 03:30 AM
Hi there,

Was putting the final touches to a post saving script, and I've discovered I absolutely cannot for the life of me interact with the topic title or topic description input fields. Debugging console is showing a plain 'operation is insecure' no matter what I try - whether it be a val statement or a remove. I can't even set CSS styles on it. What gives?
May 1 2017, 04:44 PM
Hey there,

Recently I've been working with miniprofiles, and I noticed that every post has the admin/multi-mod checkbox in the corner. This checkbox has an onClick to the select_post function - but more importantly, has a unique post identifier in it. Out of curiousity, why can we not use whatever system is plopping that number down to more specifically select the posts for styles and targeting?
Nov 9 2016, 05:44 PM
Hi guys,

Not sure this can actually be done, and it's a relatively insignificant thing, but is there anyway to translate a user ID number into the actual username? ie going from <!-- |id| --> to <!-- |name| -->
Nov 7 2016, 04:01 AM

Award Creation:

Hey guys,

This is a script that implements awarding members on a multi-user basis. It's 10000% garbage, but it works and that's all that matters!.. right? It's also still constrained by the limitations of the D-Awards system (ah, 2004), especially in function.. but hey, it works, and I don't have to add awards one by one, so that's pretty cool.

The Webpage Maker is perfectly set up for this - you can also save it as an offline .html file if you don't mind the feedback system being wonky (it'll constantly say 'error' even when it submits fine, and the ACP login at the top won't function correctly so you'd need to copy and paste your session ID).

Using this does involve your administrative privileges. I can't really think of any way a third party could manipulate the script into being a security risk, but if it does.. Oops?

Don't judge me too harshly for my awful coding practices :b

Toodles! Let me know if you use it, and how it goes. It works for me, but that's not exactly wide-spread functionality.

Download (GitHub raw)

Award Editor:

Hello again! Finished up another utility, slightly more useful than the last.

Award editing stuff whoooo.. Functionality is simple enough, and the scripting itself is messier than ever!

This utility loads an up-to-date award list into a table, with each field editable except the Award ID# and Member ID#. Award names, images, given-by('s?), descriptions, and display status are all editable by hand or via mass replacement. It's neatish.

Download (GitHub raw)
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