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jess the hufflepuff


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May 12 2017, 01:36 AM
are we able to get the online/offline status thing be able to put into the post row? i had no idea that we could use fields in post row, but if we can't use that for like a header bar, then there's not much point being able to code a header/bottom bar in the post row (i mean obviously we can put it in the mini profile, but idk, i think some of us would really appreciate this - idk how hard or easy it is but i thought i'd ask!)

thank you
Feb 21 2017, 03:02 PM
so with the mass pms it's possible to customise which member group to post to, but i was wondering if there's a chance we could get the ability for these mass pms to just be sent to the parent account?
thank you
Jan 25 2017, 12:11 AM
i don't know how helpful this may be for other people, but i know a lot of rpg forums use the desc for tagging, and if people rp on mobile, they're currently unable to add in a topic desc / or edit it!

is there a way we can do this?
Jan 19 2017, 09:41 PM
forum issues [SOLVED]
As per usual, the site is

I apologise for the amount of questions I am asking, but this has completely stumped me.
Our registration forum and the work in progress subforum has randomly just became wonky? (see screenshots below)
The only thing I've touched is the titlemedium thing because I was having issues with that but removing it didn't fix it, so I don't see the cause? Maybe it's just glitching for a little bit but all the other forums are fine?

& as you can see by the second screenshot, the pending subforum was moved to the right. None of this was like this yesterday or a few hours ago :c

this is solved!
Jan 18 2017, 04:55 PM
titlemedium [SOLVED]
So the other day I asked for a solution of why my sub-accounts were not showing the delinking options and I was told it's because the titlemedium class had a display none on it,
and where removing that and adding the forum-row div in front did fix it, there was a reason why i disabled titlemedium



.form-row .titlemedium {
       background-color: #B4C2F7;
       font-family: 'Cousine', monospace;
text-transform: uppercase;  

.titlemedium {
font-weight:bold; color:#fff;
padding: 2px 6px; margin:0px;
display: none;

the only way the delinking thing will show up is if i take out the display none on the main titlemedium class, but that causes the above screenshot which i don't even want showing in the first place. even without the display none on the form-row, the delink thing doesn't show and causes the site to be wonky?
is there a way to fix this?
i don't want the titlemedium showing, but the delink in sub accounts is pretty important
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