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Jun 19 2018, 09:20 PM
Okay so, I'm in the middle of making a new profile template for my sit. I've hit a snag in my js, because of course I would. Ahah.

Instead of just hiding the field that contains "No Information" I'm looking to hide that specific tab and the corresponding list element in the tab strip area. So if I haven't filled out the "Other" section of my profile, the user can't even see that the field is there. (#dir6 and #dirtab6-content, using that example)

Profile with all related fields as empty/"No Information"
Profile with the first two tabs filled in and the rest blank

And here's the relevant bits of coding.
       <div id="dirtabs">
               <ul id='dirtab-strip'>
                   <li id='dir1' class='clickable'>Appearance</li>
                   <li id='dir2' class='clickable'>Personality</li>
                   <li id='dir3' class='clickable'>History</li>
                   <li id='dir4' class='clickable'>Family</li>
                   <li id='dir5' class='clickable'>Abilities</li>
                   <li id='dir6' class='clickable'>Other</li>
           <div id='dirtabtabs'>
               <div id='dir1-content' class='tab-content'><div class="maintitle">Appearance</div><br /><!-- |field_10| --></div>
               <div id='dir2-content' class='tab-content'><div class="maintitle">Personality</div><br /><!-- |field_11| --></div>
               <div id='dir3-content' class='tab-content'><div class="maintitle">History</div><br /><!-- |field_12| --></div>
               <div id='dir4-content' class='tab-content'><div class="maintitle">Family & Relationships</div><br /><!-- |field_13| --></div>
               <div id='dir5-content' class='tab-content'><div class="maintitle">Powers & Abilities</div><br /><!-- |field_14| --></div>
               <div id='dir6-content' class='tab-content'><div class="maintitle">Other Information</div><br /><!-- |field_15| --></div>

And the js I'm attempting to get working. The console logs show that I'm getting the correct IDs, I just can't seem to figure out how to alter their CSS styles to "display: none;" My if statement also won't target the tabs that contain "No Information" (and I'm unsure of the syntax after scouring stack overflow/MDN) and when I leave the last two lines in the code, it winds up hiding my entire #dirtab-strip (and all the actual tabs aside from the first). As noted previously, the console log for that section is outputting the correct IDs.

   var contents = document.getElementById('dirtabtabs');
   var tabs = document.getElementById('dirtab-strip');
   for (var i = 0; i < contents.children.length; i++) {
       console.log(i + ": " + contents.children[i].id + " and " + tabs.children[i].id);
       if ($('contents.children[i].contains("No Information")')) {
           var c = document.getElementById(contents.children[i].id);
           var t = document.getElementById(tabs.children[i].id);
           console.log( + " and " +;
           document.getElementById( = "none";
           document.getElementById( = "none";
Jun 15 2018, 06:29 PM
So I know there's an ID on the smilies box for the shoutbox page (#fo_smilies? I think.), which makes hiding it that much easier. However, on the posting form page (including sending PMs and new posts/polls) the smilies table only has a class of .tablefill, which is also used elsewhere on the board.

Would it be possible to have that ID applied to the main forums as well? We can target the specific table using "#enter-your-post > td.pformleft > table" but it would be neat to have a slightly more descriptive ID for it. Shorter, too. /lazy
Feb 3 2018, 03:41 PM
I made several custom BBCode templates for staff to use on my site, and would like to keep the buttons on the posting form so that we don't have to type them out every time we have to use one of these templates. I also only want my admin group to see them.

As you can see here (click), guests (along with all other groups) are able to see the code buttons as well. I've tried targeting them with javascript, though I'm getting snagged and can't figure it out.

           // Hide custom BBCode Buttons from non-admins, extra comments will be removed once I have this cleaned up and working
           // Accept Tag - #bbcode-buttons input:nth-child(17)
           // Pend Tag - #bbcode-buttons input:nth-child(18)
           // General Template Tag - #bbcode-buttons input:nth-child(19)

           if('<!-- |g_id| -->' != '4') {
               document.getElementById('bbcode-buttons')[17].style.display = 'none';
               document.getElementById('bbcode-buttons')[18].style.display = 'none';
               document.getElementById('bbcode-buttons')[19].style.display = 'none';
           else if('<!-- |g_id| -->' == '4') {
               document.getElementById('bbcode-buttons')[17].style.display = 'inline';
               document.getElementById('bbcode-buttons')[18].style.display = 'inline';
               document.getElementById('bbcode-buttons')[19].style.display = 'inline';
Feb 2 2018, 08:33 PM
Would it be possible to make a BBCode or macro that would automatically tag the author of a thread in a post? Could be useful for character acceptance/pending forms where we use a custom BBCode with multimod for easy locking/moving/posting.
Dec 22 2017, 06:56 PM
I'm using a script in place of the more typical forum thread for things like member/faceclaims and whatnot, and have managed to get it to sort in the following ways. Having to edit only one line of code to add a member to more than one list at a time is amazing and I love it and could rave all day about it.

I am having one minor issue, though, that only seems to be an issue on the page that sorts by member group, and then only the group "Brothers of the Black Phoenix", which doesn't appear at all although it should be appearing after those in the faction "Hell" are displayed.

There is one character in that group, Farsot. His info shows up fine on the pages that sort by species and playerm where he shows up as part of Admin Tara's characters and the Angel species as he should. I've double-checked that the "brothers of the black phoenix" under affiliations and the one that I have in the character list are spelled the same, including casing, and they are, but it seems to just vanish on the page that sorts by group.

Sorted by member
Sorted by species
Sorted by group

I can post the code in my webpages if needed, chrome's "inspect" feature isn't showing any errors in the console.
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