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 not sure if this is anything?
On my site the face claims keeps going backwards, it re-undoes the edits not sure how? or why or that is even possible but it's happen twice now. I've checked the logs and no admin or mod has done it. Not sure what else it could be :./
How exactly is the face claim formed?

Please provide example post contents (not a link to the post, but the actual post contents).

email: :: blog: John C.
<div id="facesbro">
<span class="headit">face claim</span>

<span class="theruleshead">Face claim</span>
<span class="theclaimsrules">[color=black]This is probably the most crucial claim on the site  again it's mandatory especially if you want a certain face. The face claim is first come first serve, yes that means if your face is already taken you need to find yourself another one, unless the person is willing to have a sibling, we do not share faces so you can't have one person in Hermes and another in Hades cabin with the same face. faces can be reserved for seven days maximum (once the seven days are over you can't reserve the same face again for a week), once they are up the face is thrown into the pot for someone else to use, it also goes to anyone who fails to complete the activity checks. We allow twins and triplets but not to any of the big three so if you are going to make a set of twins, or triplets please contact a staff member in advance for permission. These are rare things so please don't abuse this. It is extremely rare that you would have a sibling from another godly parent, but not totally impossible. [b]FACE CLAIMS OF GOD'S CAN'T BE SNAGGED WHEN INACTIVE.[/b][/color]</span>

<div class="whoisit">ladies</div>
<span class="thefaces">

<a class="nike" href="">Addison Timlin</A>played by Luce Winsley<BR>
<A CLASS="neme" HREF="">Aja Warren</A> PLAYED BY Zuri Jag<BR>
<a class="herm" href="">Ana De Armas</A>played by Odeya Skye<BR>
<a class="herm" href="">Ariana Grande</a> played by Jupiter Oswald<br>
<a class="gods" href="">Adriana Lima</a> played by Phersephone<br>
<A CLASS="aphr" HREF="">Becky Lynch</A> played by dana oleary<BR>
<A CLASS="dion" HREF="">Betty Taube</A>played by Paulina Neumann<BR>
<a class="heca" href="">bonnie wright</a> played by celestia williams<br>
<a class="gods" href=""> Candice King</a> Played by Nyx<br>
<a class="tych" href=""> Camila Cabello</a> Played by Zelia Ventura<br>
<A CLASS="gods" HREF="">candice swanepoel</A> PLAYED BY Aphrodite<BR>
<a class="heca" href="">Cara Delevingne</a> played by skylar sparks<br>
<a class="gods" href="">Claire Holt</a> played by Hemera<br>
<a class="ares" href="">chloe bennet</a> played by Piper kwan<br>
<a class="gods" href="">Chloe Norgaard</a> played by Iris<br>
<a class="athe" href="">Crystal reed</a> played by nyssa evans<br>
<A CLASS="athe" HREF="">Dakota Fanning</A> PLAYED BY Azura Winters<BR>
<a class="ares" href="">Danielle
Campbell</a> played by Erin Chambers<br>
<A CLASS="hypn" HREF="">Dannie Riel</A>played by Amelia jones<BR>
<a class="apol" href="">darya lebedeva</a> played by araya arlington<br>
<a class="deme" href="">Daria Sidorchuk</a> played by Coralie O'Regan<br>
<a class="nike" href="">Dove </a><a class="nike" href="">Cameron</a>played by Rose & Danielle Moroue<br>
<a class="dion" href="">Elle Fanning</a>Shelley Rosethorns<br>
<a class="heph" href="">Emma Watson</a> played by Finnley Belmonte<br>
<a class="dion" href="">Emily Didonato</a> played by Florence Sullivan<br>
<a class="heca" href="">Freya Mavor</a> played by Clarissa Wyatt<br>
<A CLASS="apol" HREF="">Hayden Panettiere</A> PLAYED BY Rexana Zima<BR>
<a class="athe" href="">HAYLEY WILLIAMS</a> played by raven pierce<br>
<a class="aphr" href="">Holland Roden</a> played by Gabriella Deveraux<br>
<a class="aphr" href="">izabella miko</a> played by ariella danes<br>
<a class="iris" href="">Jena Goldsack</a>played by Kenna Marks<br>
<a class="aphr" href="">Jennifer Morrison</a> played by Carissa Moroue<br>
<a class="camp" href="">Julie Kennedy</a> played by Alice MacKaylligh<br>
<a class="neme" href="">Katherine Mcnamara</a> played by Blossom Hawkins<br>
<a class="gods" href="">Keira Knightley</a> played by artemis<br>
<a class="athe" href="">Kiernan Shipka</a> played by Sophie Wielislaw<br>
<a class="dion" href="">Leighton Meester</a> played by Isabella De Martel<br>
<a class="dion" href="">Lily Collins</a> played by Rosalie Cunningham<br>
<a class="hypn" href="">Lucy Hale</a> played by Billie Compton<br>
<a class="heca" href="">lucy lawless</a> played by lia stavros<br>
<A CLASS="aphr" HREF="">Madelaine Petsch</A> played by Ruby Deveraux<BR>
<a class="aphr" href="">Nina Dobrev</a> played by Avery Hawthorne<br>
<a class="unclaimed" href="">Phoebe Tonkin</a> played by Pandora Kaligaris<br>
<a class="athe" href="">Rachel Bilson</a> played by Wendi Faren<br>
<A CLASS="aphr" HREF="">renee o'connor</A> played by marinette amore<BR>
<a class="pose" href="">Royce Andrews</a> played by Diana petrovich<br>
<a class="herm" href="">sabrina carpenter</a> played by Haleigh Brooks<br>
<a class="aphr" href="">Shelley Hennig</a> played by Summer Raine<br>
<a class="athe" href="">Sophie Turner</a> played by Cassie Sutcliffe<br>
<a class="herm" href="">taylor lashae</a> played by leslie moore<br>
<a class="Hebe" href="">Taylor Swift</a>Cynthia Chronnowealth<br>

<br>Hera - Angelina Jolie
<br>Athena - Emilia Clarke
<br>Demeter- Mila Kunis
<br>Nike- Kate Beckingsale
<br>Hecate - Katie McGrath
<br>Hebe - Adelaide Kane
<br>Tyche - Zendaya Coleman
<br>Nemesis - Natalie Dormer
<br>Rachel Elizabeth Dare - Marcia Cross

<div class="whoisit">gents</div>
<span class="thefaces">
<a class="heph" href="">Alexander Koch</a> LAYED BY Bruno St. James<br>
<a class="ares" href="">Alex Pettyfer</a> played by Cameron Abraxus<br>
<A CLASS="neme" HREF="">Andrew Biersack</A> PLAYED BY Drew Herrington<BR>
<a class="gods" href="">Andrew Garfield</a> played by Apollo<br>
<a class="uncl" href="">Asa Butterfield</a>Nicholas Murray<br>
<a class="camp" href="">Austin Davis</a> played by CAIUS MACATUS<br>

<a class="athe" href="">Ben barnes</a> played by Zachary Chamber<br>
<a class="gods" href="">Jamie Dornan</a> played by Poseidon<br>
<a class="ares" href="">Charles Michael Davis</a> played by xander donovan<br>
<a class="hypn" href="">CHOI SEUNGCHEOL</a> played by Ryder Yeong<br>
<a class="heca" href="">Chris Colfer</a> played by johann hedwig<br>
<a class="nike" href="">Cody Christian</a> played by Ryan Jacobson<br>
<a class="athe" href=">corey fogelmanis</a> played by conor o'brien<br>
<a class="ares" href="">Daniel Gilles</a> played by Colin Browning<br>
<a class="neme" href="">Daniel Sharman</a> played by Logan Marshall<br>
<a class="gods" href="">Dane Dehaan</a> played by Thanatos<br>
<a class="hypn" href="">Dominic sherwood</a>played by Logan Amell<br>
<a class="dion" href="">Dylan o'brien</a> played by Kelvin Dryden<br>
<a class="tych" href="">Dylan Sprayberry</a> played by Colby Gwydion<br>
<A CLASS="athe" HREF="">Grant Gustin</A> PLAYED BY Patrick Cameron<BR>
<a class="gods" href="">Henry cavil </a> played by Ares<br>
<a class="heca" href="">Jack Grazer</a> played by Shiloh Ashworth<br>
<a class="nike" href="">Jacob Bixenman</a> played by kade holloway<br>
<a class="tych" href="">james mcavoy</a> played by victor clark<br>
<A CLASS="herm" HREF="">Jeremy Irvine</A> Played by Simon Walker<BR>
<a class="gods" href="">Joseph Morgan</a> played by Erebus<br>
<a class="apol" href="">Lucas Till</a> played by Jamie Harper<br>
<a class="hebe" href="">Nick Robinson</a> played by Jackson Lowe<br>
<a class="heph" href="">Nicholas Hoult</a> played by Alexander Moine<br>
<a class="DEME" href="">Paul Craddock</a>Elliot Moonflower<br>
<a class="HEPH" href="">Peyton Meyer</a> played by Marcus Crowther<br>
<a class="ares" href="">River Viiperi</a> played by Dustin Cruse<br>
<A CLASS="apol" HREF="">Ryan McCartan</A> played by Kenneth Lewis<BR>
<a class="gods" href="">Sean Bean</a> played by Zeus<br>
<a class="hebe" href="">THOMAS BRODIE-SANGSTER</a> played by prudence cooper<br>
<A CLASS="ares" HREF="">Thomas Doherty</A> PLAYED BY Ryker Carson<BR>
<a class="apol" href="">Tom Holland</a> played by William Ogden<br>
<a class="apol" href="">Tom Felton</a> played by Dillion Keys<br>
<a class="iris" href="">Troye Sivan</a> played by Cello Stella<br>
<A CLASS="aphr" HREF="">Tyler Hoechlin</A> played by Grayson Quinn<BR>
<A CLASS="aphr" HREF="">Wilson Berthel</A> played by Louis MacCarthy<BR>
<a class="iris" href="">Yoon Jeonghan</a> played by sunny noh<br>

<br>Hades- Ian Somerhalder
<br>Hephaestus - Joe Manganiello
<br>Hermes- Nathan Fillion
<br>Hypnos - Jason Momoa
<br>Dionysus - Austin Nichols

<div class="whoisit">Reserved</div>
<span class="thefaces">
<br> Selena Gomez - Roxy till 5th/November/2017
<br> Josephine Skriver - Roxy - 9th November 2017
<br>Barbara Palvin - Carolann 5th/November 2017


<div class="whoisit">wanted</div>
<span class="thefaces">
<br>Madelaine Petsch - Gabriella Deveraux Cousin (Link TBA)

<br>[URL=]Colin O'Donoghue[/URL] - for (Becca)



[CODE]<a class="FIRSTFOURLETTERSOFMEMBERGROUPINLOWERCASE" href="LINKTOPROFILE">celeb name</a> played by character name<br>


[URL="Link to wanted ad"]CELEB NAME[/URL] - for (ALIAS HERE)


<style type="text/css">

#facesbro { width:350px; padding:25px; background-color:#f6f6f6;border-right:15px solid #b497cf;border-bottom:15px solid #b497cf;border-left:15px solid #91DDD1;border-top:15px solid #91DDD1; }

.headit { font-family:oswald; font-size:60px; letter-spacing:-3px; color:#6D74AA; text-transform:uppercase; padding-bottom:10px; margin-bottom:15px; line-height:100%; display:block; border-bottom:1px dotted #6D74AA; font-weight:400; }

.theruleshead { width:250px; text-align:center; font-family:dawning of a new day; font-size:32px; color:#FD9180; text-shadow: 1px 1px 0 #BD6C60; line-height:100%; }

.theclaimsrules { width:250px; text-align:justify; font-family:lato; font-size:10px; line-height:95%; margin-bottom:20px; display:block; }

.whoisit { font-family:oswald; font-size:40px; letter-spacing:-2px; color:#444; text-transform:lowercase; font-weight:300; padding-bottom:10px; margin-bottom:20px; line-height:100%; }

.whoisit:nth-of-type(odd) { border-bottom:1px dotted #b497cf; }
.whoisit:nth-of-type(even) { border-bottom:1px dotted #91DDD1; }
.whoisit:nth-of-type(odd)::first-letter { color:#91DDD1; }
.whoisit:nth-of-type(even)::first-letter { color:#b497cf; }

.thefaces { width:280px; padding:10px; text-align:center; font-size:11px; line-height:14px; color:#444; text-transform:lowercase; font-family:lato; letter-spacing:0px; margin-bottom:10px; display:block; }

.thefaces a { color: #444; font-size:12px; margin-right:3px; line-height:14px; letter-spacing:1px; }
.thefaces a.zeus { color:#8cf9ff; }
.thefaces a.hera { color:#00ff8a; }
.thefaces a.pose { color:#0090ff; }
.thefaces a.hade { color:#2f2f2f; }
.thefaces a.athe { color:#1b277e; }
.thefaces a.apol { color:#ffd800; }
.thefaces a.hunt { color: #6c411b; }
.thefaces a.heph { color:#d75600; }
.thefaces a.aphr { color:#d06697; }
.thefaces a.ares { color:#b80000; }
.thefaces a.deme { color:#9bce00; }
.thefaces a.dion { color:#7a0050; }
.thefaces a.herm { color:#6cdbbb; }
.thefaces a.iris { color:#ecc9ff; }
.thefaces a.hypn { color:#c7d2fe; }
.thefaces a.hebe { color:#e3ffc9; }
.thefaces { color:#ddb058; }
.thefaces a.tych { color:#07ab1e; }
.thefaces a.neme { color:#808080; }
.thefaces { color:#ff20fc; }
.thefaces a.gods { color:#8800bb; }
.thefaces a.heca { color:#3c0b8e; }
.thefaces a.othe { color:#025d61; }

.thefaces a.reserved { color: #6D74AA !important; font-size:12px; margin-right:3px; line-height:14px; letter-spacing:1px; }
.thefaces a.wanted { color: #FD9180 !important; font-size:12px; margin-right:3px; line-height:14px; letter-spacing:1px; }


So you're saying you make an edit to that, and it will always undo whatever change you made? What happens, specifically?

email: :: blog: John C.
well wednesday I updated it with new claims and then two later it had reverted and deleted off loads of the faces. I checked the logs to see if any mod or admins had just deleted them but there isn't anything so I have no actual idea what happened it's weird. But I know JCINK had issuses around them and not sure if it just rebooted it back? idk lol
QUOTE (katherine @ Nov 5 2017, 10:21 AM)
But I know JCINK had issuses around them and not sure if it just rebooted it back? idk lol

Definitely not... I'm not aware of any issues that day. Regardless, even if there was a network problem -- The post should never have been lost or reverted. One thing to note -- the "moderation log" will not reflect edits.

We will leave this open for now but unfortunately I don't know what happened, and although I am thinking it's not system related I want to leave this open for you in case it happens again. Definitely maintain a backup of the post after each edit and if you notice something being cut off after an edit let us know.

email: :: blog: John C.
Oh I never knew that didn't that edits wouldn't come up, that's not good xD I was hoping they would all be logged. xD

and that's good to know it wasn't JCINK itself and thank you :3 I am I have a saved copy xD
If you use quick edit, you'll lose edits if you accidentally refresh before saving it - but that's just common sense and not a bug.

Are you using the full editor and the edits are being lost?

This post has been edited by CamilleNicole: Nov 8 2017, 06:59 PM
yes Though we do use quick edit too but we save it before we then leave the page or refresh. not sure what happened.
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